[Tiamat, Ilios Road]
The main road of Tiamat was once a splendid piece of craftsmanship. The proud marble blocks lining the dirt once paved the way for a city's trade and commerce. Now the road is broken and cracked, both from age and a dark green moss slowly breaking the rock apart between its green tendrils.

Tiamat is a small town lying in ruins to the northeast of Athens, overrun by rogues and thieves picking over the the debris for anything of value. Little is known about the town besides its namesake, a huge, bloated female dragon that personifies the ocean. The name Tiamat translates to Life Mother in ancient Sumerian.

Did You Know?
One of the few known shrines to Dionysus lies in the vineyards of Tiamat as well as a statue of Iris. Both are rare spots where one may truly make offerings to these two gods.


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