Togor's Deli

[Togor's Terrific Deli Delights]
Cheeses and sausages of every shape and color imaginable hang from the rafters of the ceiling, all trussed up in waxed paper and deli string. The unsalted meats and unwrapped cheeses that the store deals in daily are kept in a case full of frost that someone must constantly run up and down the surrounding mountains to supply. Fresh baked loaves of bread sit in baskets lined with wheat and jars of a vast array of condiments line the shelves behind the oak counter. You also see Togor, a serving counter and a sandwich board.

     Welcome to Togor's Deli!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         7    a lemon pepper tuna sandwich
      2         9    an olive and roasted chicken sandwich
      3         8    a grilled onion roast beef sandwich
      4         8    a spicy hot pastrami sandwich
      5         9    a zesty tomato meatball sandwich
      6         7    a savory spiced chicken sandwich
      7         8    an avocado and turkey sandwich
      8         7    a chunky almond chicken sandwich
      9         7    a piled-high ham and cheese sandwich
     10         8    a turkey and crisp bacon sandwich
     11         8    a cranberry and roasted turkey sandwich
     12         9    an avocado and fresh cucumber sandwich
     13         8    a creamy spiced hummus sandwich
     14         7    a cheese and egg salad sandwich
     15         6    a leaf lettuce chicken salad scoop
     16         6    a leaf lettuce tuna salad scoop
     17         5    a steaming bowl of clam chowder
     18         4    a bottle of water
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