Tootie's Fruity Bar

[Tootie's Fruity Bar]
An outside fruit bar consisting of a long wooden counter and some tall wooden chairs is partially covered by a bright yellow and blue canopy. Behind the counter sit dozens of baskets of fresh picked apples, apricots, mangos, and bananas. You also see Tootie and a drink menu.

     Welcome to Tootie's Fruity Bar!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    a tall glass of mango juice
      2         3    some sweet apricot juice
      3         3    some honey apple juice
      4         3    a glass of fresh apple juice
      5         4    a cold mug of spiced apple juice
      6         4    a banana apricot shake
      7         4    a honey mango shake
      8         4    a frothy banana shake
      9         4    a banana apple shake
     10        10    a Tootie surprise
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