A fairly new system to the game, Tracking is an actual way of hunting certain types of animals for meat. Once you obtain some meat, you need to bring it to the smokehouse to have it cooked.

The stalking area is located outside of the Eastern Gate of Athens. From there you'll need to head south into Hymettas Foothills and Forest. This area is fairly large with a supply shop near the entrance and a hidden smokeshop where you take your meat when you've finally got some.

To get started you're going to need to have the right equipment to actually kill these animals. It's not like normal hunting where you can just kill anything with a sword or flail. If you are a ranged user, A sling or Longbow will do, and if your a Melee fighter you will need a Spear or Pike. You will also need a knife or dagger for skinning and dressing of the animals. All of these can be found in the supply shop near the entrance of the area.

The first thing you can do is kill those bunnies that are running around the area. With your weapon of choice in your head you just need to STAB or SHOOT the rabbit. If you wish to hunt a bigger animal you will need to go from room to room SEARCHing each room for tracks.

Once you have found some tracks, you will need to examine them over and over again until you have figured out which animal created them and in which direction they lead. One you've sucessfully done that (Which doesn't always happen if the animal is rare)you will need to FOLLOW the tracks. This will bring you to where the animal is located.

Depending on how quietly you approached the animal, it will be either aware of you, disregarding you, or completely unaware. By looking at the critter you can tell how aware it is, and how far away it is.

First it is extremely important to note that you cannot do any action besides LOOKing at the animal, HIDing and STALKing or else you will frighten the critter away. First you should hide from the critter, and if it isn't anything but totally unaware of you, stay perfectly still until it is.

Once you are hidden, and the animal is unaware of your presence you can try to STALK closer to the animal. If you LOOK at the animal you can tell how far away you are. You will need to get closer depending on which weapon you're using to hunt. If it is a spear, you will need to be 10 feet or closer to the animal to kill it or else it will run off before you get a chance. If you are using a bow you can be up to 80 feet away.

When stalking you are likely to step on a branch and make a noise. Luckily unless the animal is already highly suspicious of your presence, it won't run off. If you are really unlucky at times you may flush out a bear of a wild boar which will scare off your prey, and also attack you! Be very careful as these two things can be very difficult if you are unprepared.

Now, once you are close enough, you will need to STAB or SHOOT the animal. If you are lucky you'll kill it in one shot. If you aren't so lucky, you'll wound it and it will run off. And finally, you will miss all together and the animal is gone for good. If you manage to wound it and not kill it, you will need to search the area for a blood path and follow that again to find your prey.

Once the animal is dead, you will need to SKIN it, and DRESS it. You will then be left with a carcass. Now you have some choices. You can sell the carcass whole at the Smokehouse's first room. Just KNOCK on the window and do as your told. Next you can CARVE some of the meat off the Carcass and give it to Baybee who will cook it how you like. This usually only takes 30 seconds or so. The final option is to give the whole carcass to Bubba who can smoke it, or make it into sausage or jerky. This process takes alot longer, from 2 days to a week.

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