Trading Post, Hashery

[Trading Post, Hashery]
The smell of spices, meats and liquor fills the air. A small leanto rests against a rickety old wagon, the faded canvas flapping lazily in the breeze. A pair of scrawny camp dogs fight over a discarded bone while small, tanned children run between the wagons, laughing gaily. You also see Wahankh, a serving counter and a hashery menu.

     Welcome to Trading Post, Hashery!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         3    a bowl of figs
      2         5    a platter of garlic and beans
      3         3    a round of bread
      4        10    a roasted quail
      5        20    a rack of oxen ribs
      6        10    some spiced antelope
      7        15    a rich honey cake
      8         5    a cup of karkady tea
      9         5    a flute of fruit lassi
     10         5    a jug of beer
     11        15    a glass of shedah liquor
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