Traps are currently being redone by Brude, as of right now the base system for traps has completely been redone and several traps have been fixed to fit with the new system. And they are:

Tripwires - This kind of trap is one of the easiest to create, it allows a player to tie a length of material between two points in hopes of tripping a humanoid opponent. Some materials are easier to see than others, but don't break as easily, like wise some materials are much harder to see, but cost more or have the potential to break much easier after something falls over it. There are also special trip wires that require much more skill to use, but have special effects such as causing damage or stunning your victim. Tripwires do not effect animals and other monsters that do not walk on two legs. However they are quite effective versus most humanoids.

Caltrops - Another very easy trap to create. This allows a player to spread sharp bits of metal around the area, which will cause damge, and cause knockdowns and stuns as your opponents step on them. Like tripwires there are special caltrops that cause additional effects depending on the kind and make, but require more skill to use. Caltrops affect all opponents.

Stakes - Stakes aren't a trap used by themselves, instead they are used in conjuction with tripwires. When this trap is set it causes your opponents to fall on sharpened spikes when they trip on the wire causing extra damage. However a certain amount of the stakes will break everytime they're fallen on.

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