Traveler's Rest

[Traveler's Rest]
The deep fragrance of rich earth and growing plants wafts in from the east. Small sunlit tables and chairs line the north wall under large oak-frame windows. Shelves of goods line the other walls, inviting patrons to spend their dinars and walk away with several purchases. A cool mountain breeze flows through the room from the open front doors.

1   some leggings                                    Price 5         
2   a tunic                                          Price 4         
3   a headband                                       Price 2         
4   a backpack                                       Price 14        
5   a pack                                           Price 13        
6   a medallion                                      Price 28        
7   some earrings                                    Price 21        
8   a ring                                           Price 15        
9   a figurine                                       Price 3         
10  a carved candle                                  Price 2         
11  a strip of salted venison                        Price 6         
12  a flagon of sweet white wine                     Price 7         
13  a journey cake                                   Price 1         
14  a sweet cake                                     Price 1       


Most items may be customized with a color, material or both.
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