Trust Undead Hunting Guide

The focus and dedication of the members of the Trust is to release the souls of the mindless undead. So where the heck do we find them? One way to find out is to read the board where the Priestess is in the Trust (the one you ask for advancement from - see Advancing in Rank). You can also check out a partial list below:

Creature Level Area Maps
Skeleton 3 Cemetary, Mausoleum, Catacombs, Secret Catacombs 8,15,16
Zombie 4 Cemetary Mounds/Mausoleum, Secret Catacombs, Forgotten Temple 8, 16
Greater Skeleton 5 Cemetary Mounds/Mausoleum, Secret Catacombs 8, 15, 16
Rat Fiend 5 Catacombs 15
Centaur Zombie 6 Cemetery Mounds 8
Giant Zombie 6 Cemetery Mounds 8
Crypt Spirit 14 Themistocles Crypt (Piraeus) 12
Skeletal Warrior 20 Odhos Boeotia (North of Thebes) 54
Plague Fiend 23 Odhos Boeotia (North of Thebes) 54
Purple Bedbug 33 Undead Prison near Tiamat 33
Skeletal Corpse 33 Undead Prison near Tiamat 33
Moldy Green Wolf 35 Undead Prison and Village 33
Corpse Reaver 38 Undead Prison and Village 33
Tortured Soul 45 Thanasimos Marsh 39
Death Knight 46 Curse Vineyard 29
Harpy Fledgling 50 Polyandrion Caves (west of Thebes) 36
Harpy 55 Polyandrion Caves (west of Thebes) 36
Harpy Queen 60 Polyandrion Caves (west of Thebes) 36
Glowing Blue Wolf 70 Odhos Boetia (southeast of Thebes) 14
Grave Stalker 75 Underground Graveyard 38
Bacchae 80 Neverborn Caverns 14
Ghoul 80 Underground Graveyard 38
Spectral Guardian 85 Temple of Grigoros 40
Shadowy Servant 110 Eftychia Isle 42
Fell Hound 120 Barrow Downs (Midgard) 23
Wight 120 Barrow Downs (Midgard) 23
Wight Lord 125 Barrow Downs (Midgard) 23
Wight King 128 Barrow Downs (Midgard) 23

The above information was taken from Heartsong's website (with permissions!) at It has the following thank-you's to go out to people!

"A big THANK YOU to Quinlax for pretty much the whole foundation for this bestiary! Also, a huge THANKS to Ashmael for more information than I can list here for it! Thanks to Karter for level info on the legionary and maenad. More thanks go to Tennety on the Norwegian critters and to Phaidra for info on some critter levels. And yet more thanks to Heemor for the information on the high level critters in the forest near the spider warrens! Also a HUGE thanks to Asantewaa for a whole lot of work and information she gathered on skinning and dissecting!"

Fighting the Undead

Non-corporeals (Huh? My attack passed right through it?!)
Fighting Non-Corporeals can be tricky for those warrior types out there. We're so used to being able to hack into something until it dies. Well, to hack into things, they need to have a body to hack into, and non-corporeals like haunts and spirits are just that: no-bodies. Therein lies the rub.

FORTUNATELY, there are ways around this:

  1. Holy Water: Using holy water on a weapon (USE MY WATER ON MY WEAPON) will coat it in a Divine poison that magically allows your blade to suddenly be able to hit those pesky spirits. So hack away!! (Until it wears off, then you'll need more water). Holy water is like any other poison, you can't poison a balanced weapon and you can't poison a weapon already covered by another poison.
  2. Stakes: Used in the hunting of undead since the age of pitchforks and torches. Pick one of these babies up from a Trust member, or if you are a Trust member (Rank 5 or above), carve one yourself! Stakes can be carved from specially blessed wood, or from the bones of undead mages from the valley in the mists (not Nosoi). They will eventually explode, however, so you'll have to replace them. But when they do they cause a decent amount of damage to the target.
  3. Warstaffs will work on non-corporeals (this information thanks to Beldin).
  4. Weapons that have been forged with Holy Forge also will cause a nice amount of damage to non-corporeals.
  5. The theory goes that as long as it doesn't need a body to take affect, then it should work against non-corporeal beings.

Special Undead:

  • Haunts: Haunts are accessible only by Trust members, as their area lies within the Trust itself. Just go East from the entrance and head on into the chasm of darkness. You can hunt them in groups as they are level-morphers and will adjust to match your level, thus giving you experience. Kinda like Spartans but without those pesky spears.
    1. They are NON-CORPOREAL, so make sure you have weapons that will hit them (or stock up on holy water and stakes).
    2. They BITE, so make sure you are able to defend against undead poisons, or else keep a very close eye on your health.
    3. They have three different types of poisons: Slowing, Paralyzing and Damaging
      • Slowing: Will make your roundtime increase.
      • Paralyzing: What do you think it does?
      • Damaging: Saps your health slowly and painfully and lasts quite a while.
      • All of these poisons are healable by anyone who can TRUST PURGE others (Rank 7 and up in the Trust). You can also attempt to BREAK from paralysis, and TRUST SHIELD will help defend against the poisons taking hold (Rank 4 and up).
  • Skeletons: and other undead with no skin (yum). Daggers and other piercing weapons will not hurt them kids. They have nothing to pierce. Go for the blunt approach.
  • Zombies also BITE and can infect you with undead poisons.
  • Undead Mages are also level-morphers.
    1. The quest for Rank 6 delivers you to their valley of mists (mwahaha).
    2. The valley itself is a treacherous maze, so try not to get too lost.
    3. The mages drop blackened relics and silvery bones, which can provide those with the skill for it some silvery bone stakes.

Good Luck out there!!

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