Trust Verbs And Abilities

When you become a member of the Trust, you are granted the first ability (Trust Aid). As you rank up, you will gain a new ability or further an existing ability with each rank.



Use this to perform abilities granted to you by the Trust of Persephone, or to view information pertaining to it. Usage: TRUST (followed by:) HELP, AID, BLESS, CREATE, SHIELD, CARVE, PURGE, IMBUE or VINE.

You can use TRUST HELP with the following:
TRUST HELP UNDEAD - This will tell you how many points you have ranked up in the Trust for killing undead.
TRUST HELP TRUST - This will remind you what rank you are.
TRUST HELP LIST - This will list the abilities you have learned and what they do.


TRUST AID - Rank 1

  • Persephone's Aid - Will aid your health when fighting undead if your need is dire.
  • Usage: Use it in battle when you are within melee range of an undead and when your health is low, to gain back some health. You cannot use this ability too often, so count on only being able to use it once.


  • Divine Blessings - You have the ability to turn water into a divine poison with which to coat weapons.
  • Usage: Use it while holding a bottle of cool water and an empty glass vial, to create a vial of holy water. The cool water can easily be gathered from the fountain at Diochares Gate (east gate of Athens) and the empty glass vials are in the Shrine of Persephone in the SW Quad, to the east, for about 2 dinars each.

Note: The amount of cool water that you can bless at one time depends on your rank and character's level. For example, a character at level 82 and rank 9 can bless up to 50 parts at once, into one vial.

Poisoning a Weapon: see the Trust Undead Hunting Guide.


  • Holy Water Sphere - You have mastered the art of creating damaging bombs from holy water.
  • Usage: Use it while holding an empty glass sphere (bought in the east room of Persephone's Shrine) and a vial of holy water with at least 10 parts to it. The spheres act like bombs - You THROW them when you are near undead and they shatter, spraying holy water and burning your surrounding enemies for significant damage. That is, if they do not bounce. If they bounce, you must get them and throw them again.


  • Persephone's Shield - You have the ability to call upon Persephone to guard you from undead poison for a limited time.
  • Usage: Use this to create a shield around you that will protect you from most undead poisons as well as periodically help regain a little health during a fight with undead.


  • Persephone's Claw - You have the ability to carve a wooden stake and imbue it with divine properties.
  • Usage: Use while holding a yew stick or a silvery bone and a dagger or knife, to create a stake. The yew sticks are found from the same tree that you find in the quest for this skill. The silvery bones are dropped by undead mages in the valley of mists that you find for your quest at the next rank. Each stake lasts for about 50 uses, allowing you to hit non-corporeal beings (as well as corporeal ones). One the last use they will explode, causing significant damage to the target.


  • Divine Purge - The ability to remove the draining effects of exposure to non-corp undead from yourself.
  • Usage: Use against the effects of undead poisons.
    • TRUST PURGE EXAMINE (self) - Tells you what undead afflictions you have assaulting you.
    • TRUST PURGE (self) - Rids you of these afflictions. Note: You can now also access the undead mages area at any time and hunt them for silvery bones that you can then carve into stakes.

TRUST PURGE (others) - Rank 7

  • Extends the use of TRUST PURGE to others, allowing you to cure your friends. Assuming you're nice like that.
    • TRUST PURGE EXAMINE (other) - Tells you what your friends are suffering from.
    • TRUST PURGE (other) - Rids your friends of their suffering (at least the undead poison kind).


  • Persephone's Gift - You have the ability to imbue a smoky quartz with Persephone's divine essence that when rubbed, will cause undead opponents to temporarily flee the area and grant you safe haven for a little while.
  • Usage: Use while holding a smoky quartz. You can use regular smoky quartzes that are found, or else you can make a smoky quartz from the same place as the quest for this ability. Spoiler instructions here.


  • Dark Vine - You have the ability to summon a dark rose vine that will attempt to entangle undead opponents in battle.
  • Usage: Use to summon a dark rose vine that will follow you into battle and drag down your enemies. These act very similarily to the alchemist vines, but they will only attack undead. As you gain more Trust points, your vine will grow thorns and cause divine damage as they entangle the undead. WAVE at your vine to dismiss it, or GET it to have it leave behind a midnight black rose (which does nothing, it's just a fun souvenir).
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