Tyrant's Folly Taverna

[Tyrant's Folly Taverna]
Cozy and informal, the taverna is usually quite crowded. Small tables covered with colorful tablecloths fill most of the room. A band of intertwined vines is painted along the length of the walls — clusters of blue-purple grapes dangling from them. You also see a waiter and a fancy menu.

     Welcome to Tyrant's Folly Taverna!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         5    a chopped salad
      2         5    a tangy pasta salad
      3         6    a bowl of spinach creme soup
      4         6    a bowl of avgolemano soup
      5         7    some pesto pasta
      6        10    some spicy mousaka
      7        15    a lemon-pepper leg of lamb
      8         2    a glass of spring water
      9         6    a mug of Gargareta ale
     10         5    a glass of maison white wine
     11         5    a glass of maison red wine
     12         8    a glass of marionberry liqueur
     13        10    a snifter of fine brandy
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