Tzelazni's Pearls and Jewelry

[Tzelazni's Pearls and Jewelry]
Stylish, black marble prevails throughout this fine shop, beautifully accentuated by displayed jewelry crafted in gold. A long shelf behind the counter holds five small, silk pillows — a glistening pearl resting upon each. The owner, dressed in an attractive azure chiton, smiles at you from behind the counter.

1   a ring                                            Price 15        
2   a wedding ring                                    Price 23        
3   a wedding band                                    Price 24        
4   an earring                                        Price 15        
5   a pair of earrings                                Price 21        
6   a bracelet                                        Price 20        
7   a necklace                                        Price 28        
8   a black pearl earring                             Price 2650      
9   a pink pearl necklace                             Price 2221      
10  a freshwater pearl bracelet                       Price 2422      

11  a tiny pearl nose ring                            Price 1565

Most items may be customized with a material.
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