Uiruka is the General of the Unseelie armies, and the individual leader of the Sluagh, also known as "The Host" or the "Unforgiven Dead". It was believed they would engaged in "The Wild Hunt", which was basically a bunch of Sluagh flying around and scooping up whatever mortals they see, to drop them to their deaths eventually when they were bored. In the Highlands of Scotland, this is believed to be marked by the blood red moss that grows on rocks and in other places. They have a close connection with the dead, some saying that the spirits of the dead who have not earned the right to pass on often serve the Sluagh, hence the second title even though they are not 'undead' themselves. There are some myths that say the Sluagh are so numerous that as ravens they can blot out the entire sky.

Uiruka, interestingly enough, is only half-sluagh and half-Unseelie Sidhe and therefore has two actual "Sidhe" forms. One is much more monstrous and grotesque looking, but seems to be usually forbidden by Keir for him to appear as. This form is in recognition of his Sluagh side. His other form is as stunning and as beautiful as the other Sidhe. Uiruka does not care for it, but certainly seems to see the use for it. On occasion, even while in his 'normal' form, his magnificent raven wings can still be visible. It seems to depend on his mood. On top of this, Uiruka has also been seen as a red and black spider, and a raven with red garnet eyes.

Uiruka is very loyal to Keir and will not tolerate anything ill being said of him. He is not hesitant to kill mortals or even to offer them over as a treat for morale to his men, comprised mostly of the warlike Sluagh. Uiruka does not like the fact that Fostismeras is his princes's half-brother, but has grudgingly admitted that he is a formidable foe when it comes to the war going on. It mostly seems the half-Seelie blood within Fostismeras is what is so offensive to Uiruka.

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