Vase Stall

[Athens, Odhos Cylon]
Open merchant stalls face the dirt road, some showing signs of wear and tear. Though many sell only trinkets or items of poor quality, one or two do not. One such stall, draped in grey-striped cotton cloth, sells exquisite vases, including gorgeous red-figured ones. You also see a shopkeeper, a price list and a deteriorating cobble-stone path.

     Welcome to vase stall!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        25    a purple alabastron vase
      2        26    a wolf's-head rhyton vessel
      3        24    a white lekythos urn
      4        30    a large psykter urn
      5        14    a plain amphora
      6        32    a black-figure pelike vase
      7        34    a red-figure kalpis jar
      8        32    a black-figure skyphos bowl
      9        34    a red-figure stamnos jar
     10         1    a cup
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