The Captain of the Guards and Second in Command of the Horde

"I'm more of a presence really. I can give orders, sure, but there are others for that. And I do like to think I keep some small modicum of class in the army."

"That man could make you feel comfortable and accepted while he's killing you."
—Diathesixifos on Vasileios

Vasileios is the right hand man of Drakontas. Originally an aristocrat from Brittania, it would appear that Vasileios got tired of the court politics and decided to, in his own words, find someone that would "stab in the front instead of the back." Apparently, he considers Drakontas that person. He was the one to shoot Kamarthi and he has saved the Athenians for reasons unknown several times. It might be that he's just that type of guy, or he could be acting under orders. No one knows. He's quite the well-groomed man, however, and he's fond of fox hunting and horse back riding. He's often been mocked for his effeminate features, but the word on the street is that if one truly upsets him, he's also quite good with the sword. Smooth with his words, Vasileios seems to serve in the political sphere for Drakontas as well, though it is not clear what precisely that entails. He is also often given the job of accompanying Shahla when they are out of Piraeus.

Did You Know?

  • Vasileios is a Greek name meaning "Regal", and in several of the prophecies and codes, Vasileios has been referred to as "The Prince". Vasileios is not his real name, but something he was apparently given by Drakontas and his men in reference to his manners and bearing.
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