Verbs A
Accept Action Admire Adrenal Advance Advice
Agree Aim Alignment Alter Ambush Answer
Ammo Applaud Appraise Ask Assess Assist
Attack Auction Avoid Axe Kick

Accept - Used to accept offers.

Action - Used to perform actions. Be careful not to abuse this verb by doing things you can't really do or pretending to have something you don't.
act draws in the dirt. = (Scheherazade draws in the dirt.)
Also used to act with puppets and masks.
act puppet barks. = A dog puppet barks.

Alone: Scheherazade looks around with an expression of admiration on her face.
Self: Scheherazade gets a very smug expression on her face.
Others: Scheherazade gazes at Leanna in admiration.
Item: Scheherazade admires a colorful multihued backpack stitched with notes in golden thread.

Adrenal - Used to check adrenaline level in those who train in adrenal.

Advance - Used to advance to melee range in combat.

Advice - Use this verb to get advice from the game.

Alone: Arlene adopts an agreeable look.
Self: Arlene shows confidence in her convictions.
Others: Arlene agrees with Athelyn.
Item: Arlene finds the Alexandria ticket agreeable.


Alignment - Shows how to align with your chosen god/goddess.

Alter - Shows a list of altering guidelines.


Ammo - Use this to set which ammunition will be used by your ranged weapon.

Answer - This verb is used to answer questions in surveys. When given choices A, B, and C you would Answer A, B, or C.

Alone: Scheherazade applauds.
Self: Scheherazade applauds herself.
Others: Scheherazade applauds Leanna!
Item: Scheherazade claps her handkerchief between her hands.

Appraise - Used to appraise items at the jeweler, furrier and pawnshop.

Ask - Used to communicate with NPCs (non-player characters).

Assess - Used to inspect the design of your weapon and what it is made of.

Assist - This verb is used to put in an assist to speak with a GameHost or GameMaster about technical problems.

Attack - This verb is used to put one's self in auto-attack mode. The game will make you swing every 10 or so seconds automatically depending on the weapon.

Auction - Use this verb to see Auction rules and information.

Avoid - This verb is used to toggle your Avoid settings. Also used as a verb.
Self: Scheherazade looks absolutely disgusted with herself.
Others: Scheherazade edges away from Leanna.
Items: Scheherazade looks at her coin with disgust.

Axe Kick

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