Verbs B
Babble Back Backfist Backflip Backroom Balance
Bandage Bark Barter Bash Batch Battlecraft
Beam Befriend Belch Bet Bid Bite
Blanch Bless Blink Block Blush Bodyslam
Bond Bop Bounce Bow Braid Break
Brush Buck Bug Bundle Burp Buy

Alone: Scheherazade babbles incoherently.
Self: Scheherazade babbles to herself.
Others: Scheherazade babbles something about Leanna.
NPCs: Scheherazade babbles incoherently at Sid.

Back - Used to go Back one step in menus in shops.


Backflip - Use to backflip out of combat once you train enough in Acrobatics.

Backroom - This is used to access the backroom in shop menus when you are allowed to.

Balance - Use this verb to check your bank balance. Also used to balance your weapon with enough skill to make it perform better in combat. This is also a critical step in bonding with your weapon.


Alone: Scheherazade barks!
Self: Scheherazade barks to herself like a manic little puppy!
Others: Scheherazade barks wildly at Leanna!
Others see: Scheherazade barks at you like a wild dog. You hope she has had her shots!

Barter - This is used to exchange items with other people for other items or dinar. This is a good verb to use to make sure you're not cheated in a transaction with another player.
You offer your ginger tea to Garrock for 3 dinars. Garrock has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Type CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

Bash - This verb is used to open boxes by bashing them with a weapon.

Batch - This verb is used to batch concoctions for maker consumption only.

Battlecraft - Shows a list of Battlecraft Abilities you are able to do.

Alone: Scheherazade beams!
Self: Scheherazade looks very pleased with herself.
Others: Scheherazade beams at Leanna!

Befriend - This verb is used to add someone to your befriend list. Once a person is befriended and has befriended you, use Befriend List and you can see where they are in the lands. You can also use this verb to befriend merchants to make sure you are having purchases counted toward backroom access.

Oreithyia belches.

Bet - This verb is used to place bets in the gaming halls.

Bid - This verb is used to place bids during auctions.

Alone: Scheherazade grinds her teeth together.
Item: Scheherazade bites her coin.
Others: Scheherazade bites Leanna!

Alone: Scheherazade blanches.
Self: Scheherazade's skin turns a pasty shade.
Others: Scheherazade looks at Vaftel and blanches.

Self: Oreithyia waves her hand over her heart and looks upward.
NPCs: Oreithyia gestures toward Sid and speaks, "I bless you in the name of Hestia."
Others: With a resolved look, Oreithyia waves a graceful hand over the face of Vaftel while speaking, "Let the blessing of Hestia be upon you."
Item: With a look of resolve, Oreithyia waves a hand over a torch symbol, letting her fingers dance lightly back and forth while speaking, "I offer this blessing in the name of Hestia."

Alone: Scheherazade blinks.
Self: Scheherazade gets a sudden twitch in her eye.
Others: Scheherazade blinks at Vaftel.

Block - Is a evasive combat move that is dependant on your Armor use skill. Must be holding a shield and only blocks opponents in front or to the side of you.

Alone: Scheherazade blushes a bright red color.
Self: Scheherazade blushes furiously!
Others: Scheherazade looks at Vaftel and blushes.

Bodyslam - Used to perform the combat move, bodyslam.


Alone: Scheherazade does a silly little happy dance. What a nut!
Self: Scheherazade bops herself over the head.

Sitting: Scheherazade bounces in her seat!
Standing: (Based on demeanor)
Warm: Scheherazade bounces up and down exuberantly!
Friendly: Scheherazade bounces up and down happily!
Reserved: Scheherazade rocks forward onto the balls of her feet.
Centaur: (Based on demeanor)
Warm: Kalico rears back and paws the air with her hooves!
Friendly: Kalico stamps the ground with her hooves and shakes her head.
Reserved: Kalico stamps the ground with her front hooves.

Alone: Scheherazade bows.
Self: Scheherazade bends over and touches her toes.
Centaur at self: Jherle bends over and touches her hooves.
Others standing: Scheherazade bows to Vaftel.
Others sitting: Scheherazade tilts her head toward Vaftel.

Braid - That isn't possible just yet, stay tuned for further developments.

Break - This verb is used to break out of holds such as bearhugs, coils and even stuns. It is also used to break intimate companion bonds by breaking the ring.

Brush - Use when holding a brush or comb in your hand to brush your hair. Note: It will undo your hairstyle to being loose.


Bug - Use this verb to report any bugs you find in game to the GMs.

Bundle - Used to bundle like items together.
Scheherazade adds a piece of paper to her bundle of paper.

Kalico burps.

Buy - This verb is used in travelling merchants when wares are displayed on tables and the like to purchase them.

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