Verbs C
Cackle Cancel Cartwheel Carve Cast Catch
Chant Charm Chat Check Cheer Chide
Chortle Chuckle Claim Clap Clean Clench
Climb Close Clothesline Combine Combo Consent
Cough Count Cower Crack Craft Crawl
Crease Create Crescent Kick Crimp Cringe Cross
Crush Cry Cuddle Curtsy Customize Cut

Alone: Scheherazade cackles!
Self: Scheherazade cackles to herself!
Others: Scheherazade cackles at Vaftel!

Cancel - This verb is used to cancel offers, barters or tosses.


Carve - Use this verb to carve stuff. So far we can carve gems for scarabs and sticks for fishing poles.

Cast - This verb is used to cast spells once they are invoked or the ritual is performed.

Catch - Use this verb to catch tossed items when offered. See Toss.

Chant - Use this verb to chant, similar to recite with a 3 second RT per line. Priests also use this for some of their rituals by chanting the names of gods. Use semicolons to make line breaks. Please do NOT use this just to gain attention,
You quietly chant the name of Iris. Others would see, Scheherazade quietly chants to herself.

Scheherazade chants:

"Zylna pon zylna dabra hulza!
Ista reva don!
Anaku dingir!"


Chat - Used to turn the thought network on and off.

Check - This verb is used to check in at inns for a room. Also used to check balance in the bank along with the verb balance.

Alone: Scheherazade gets an impish expression on her face, and lets out a hearty cheer.
At others: Scheherazade lets out a hearty cheer for Vaftel!

Chide - This command is not to be used lightly. It is only to be used on players who are showing poor etiquette by taking items that do not belong to them, or are performing out of character actions with smile, act, or similar verbs. Overuse of this command will result in the restriction of the person using the verb.
Scheherazade gives Vaftel a chiding glance.

Alone: Scheherazade chortles.
Self: Scheherazade chortles softly at some secret joke.
Others: Scheherazade chortles at Vaftel.

Alone: Scheherazade chuckles.
Self: Scheherazade chuckles to herself.
Others: Scheherazade chuckles at Vaftel.

Claim - Use this verb to claim items so that the game recognizes you as the owner.

Alone: Scheherazade claps her hands.
Self: Scheherazade clamps her hands over her mouth.
Others: Scheherazade claps her hands at Vaftel.

Alone: Scheherazade takes a moment to dust herself off.
Self: Scheherazade brushes at her forearm with the back of her hand.
Others: Scheherazade reaches over to Vaftel and pulls a piece of lint away from his (depends on position and race).
Items: Scheherazade takes a deep breath and blows on a figurine of a menacing warlord. Did some dust come off of that?

At NPCs: Scheherazade's entire body tenses as she glances over at Sid.
Jaw: Scheherazade clenches her jaw.
Shoulder: Scheherazade's shoulder's stiffen.
Body: Scheherazade's entire body tenses.
Teeth: Scheherazade grits her teeth.
Fist: Scheherazade clenches her fist.
Fist with item: Scheherazade tightens her grip on her darkened bronze nunchaku.
Fist at person: Scheherazade clenches her fist and glances over at Vaftel.
Fist with item at person: Scheherazade tightens her grip on her darkened bronze nunchaku and glances over at Vaftel.

Climb - This verb is used to climb in areas where it is required.

Close - Use this verb to close items that can be closed such as backpacks and sheaths along with doors.
Scheherazade closes her lyre-shaped case.

Clothesline - Use this verb to perform the combat move, clothesline.

Combine - This is used to combine things together. This is usually used to combine alchemist ingredients, and is also used by an alchemist to mix components of a mixture together.

Combo - Shows how to use combos of attacks while in battle.


Alone: Scheherazade coughs.
Self: Scheherazade clears her throat.
Others: Scheherazade glances at Vaftel and coughs.
Item: Scheherazade glances at a royal purple parchment card then coughs.

Count - Used to count the number of items in a bundle.
Scheherazade examines her bundle of papers.

Alone: Scheherazade cowers in fear.
Self: Scheherazade cringes in terror.
Others: Scheherazade cowers away from Vaftel!
NPC and items: Scheherazade cowers away from Sid.

Crack - Scheherazade cracks her knuckles!


Alone kneeling: Scheherazade crawls about on her hands and knees.
Alone prone: Scheherazade crawls about on her belly.
Self kneeling: Scheherazade crawls around in a small circle on her hands and knees.
Self prone: Scheherazade crawls around in a small circle on her belly.
Others kneeling: Scheherazade crawls to Vaftel on her hands and knees, collapsing in his lap.
Others prone: Scheherazade crawls to Vaftel on her belly, collapsing in his lap.
NPC and item kneeling: You crawl toward Sid on your hands and knees.
NPC and item prone: You crawl toward Sid on your belly.
Direction kneeling: Scheherazade crawls away on her hands and knees, moving northeast. Scheherazade crawls in on her hands and knees.
Direction prone: Scheherazade crawls away on her belly, moving northeast. Scheherazade crawls in on her belly.


Create - Used to create traps, Create List will show you which traps you know.

Crescent Kick - This verb is used to perform the combat move, Crescent Kick.


Scheherazade cringes.

Scheherazade crosses her fingers.


Scheherazade blinks as tears slip slowly from her eyes and trickle down her cheeks.

Self: Scheherazade wraps her arms around herself.
Others: Scheherazade cuddles up next to Autolycus.
Item: Scheherazade cuddles her warlord.

Alone: Scheherazade curtsies.
Others: Scheherazade curtsies to Vaftel.

Customize - This is used in merchant menus to customize items that allow it.

Self: Scheherazade nicks her thumb with her coated knife.

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