Verbs D
Dance Decline Demeanor Depart Deposit Dig
Directions Disarm Disband Discard Disown Dissect
Dive Dodge Donate Done Double Fist Drag
Dress Drink Drool Drop Drum Duck

Alone: Scheherazade dances about in giddy fashion.
Self: Scheherazade prances around in a circle.
Others: Scheherazade sweeps Collin into a dance!
NPCs: Scheherazade dances around the counter!
Items: Scheherazade dances around the counter!

Decline - This is used to decline offers, tosses, and barters.
Kalico declines Vaftel's offer.

Demeanor - Use this verb to set your demeanor to either cold, reserved, neutral, friendly, or warm. Depending on your demeanor, people will not be able to do certain things to you such as hugging and poking.

Depart - This verb is used to call upon your god to rescue you from the Underworld. After level 6 it is possible to be cursed for using this verb, so be careful.

Deposit - Used to deposit dinars into the bank

Dig - Used to dig pits for traps (coming soon hopefully) and for digging on the beach to make sandcastles.

Directions - Using this verb on the streets of Athens will allow you to get directions to certain locations within the city.


Disband - Use this verb to disband your group if you are leading one.

Discard - Be careful with this verb, discarded items are gone forever.
Holding item: Scheherazade tosses aside her cookie.
Item on ground standing: Scheherazade kicks aside a bright red rowan tree pome.
Item on ground sitting: Scheherazade flings a feather out of sight.

Disarm - This verb is used to attempt to disarm traps on boxes.

Disown - Use this verb to disown an item that you have claimed. This is sometimes crucial when giving people things like bowls and tip hats from the storyteller shop as they won't be able to use or claim it until you have disowned it.

Dissect - This is used to dissect certain critters. Most dissections are used for alchemist ingredients.



Donate - Use this verb to donate dinars to your god in their temple.

Done - Used to exit the menu in shops.

**Double Fist



Drink: Scheherazade takes a drink from her cloud-edged chalice.
Non-drink: Scheherazade is pretending to drink a jar of liquid soap. Well… you think she's pretending.

Kalico drools.

Drop - Be careful dropping items, some are breakable. Items dropped in the well are gone forever.
Ground inside: Scheherazade drops a big red button on the floor.
Ground outside: Scheherazade drops a big red button on the ground.
Well: Scheherazade drops her ginger tea into the well with a splash.

Alone: You drum your fingers against your chin.
Self: Scheherazade drums her fingers on her arms.
Held items: Scheherazade drums her fingers on her button.
Room items: Scheherazade drums her fingers against the sides of the counter.

Scheherazade ducks her head.

Dump - Be careful dumping containers… they cause massive RT and the items on the ground are free to be had by anybody. Including the janitor if you disconnect during it.
Scheherazade turns her lyre-shaped case upside-down and gives it a vigorous shake!
Several objects fall out and land on the floor.

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