Verbs E
Ear Box Eat Elbow Enchant Endorse Escape
Evaluate Examine Exhale Exit Experience Eye Rake

Ear Box

Eat - Several things beside food can be eaten, including bait and foragables. Be careful though, some of these are poisonous.
Scheherazade takes a bite of her cucumber.
Eat Tongue: Scheherazade starts to say something, then stops.
Others: Scheherazade bites Leanna!

Elbow - This verb is used to perform the combat move, elbow.


Endorse - Use this verb to endorse a song paper that a storyteller has written about you to allow them to perform it.

Escape - Used to escape from being held by critters. Boa constrictors for example.

Evaluate - Used to show your health and positioning of things you are in combat with.

Examine - Used to examine objects to see if you can find anything you can't see with look. This is also used to examine boxes to see if there are traps and judge the lock difficulty.

Alone: Scheherazade slowly empties her lungs.
Self: Scheherazade releases a slow, low whistle.
Others: Scheherazade glances at Vaftel and slowly exhales.
Items: Scheherazade blows on her tiny figurine.

Exit - Used to exit the game.

Experience - Shows you your experience, level, and training points.

Eye Rake

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