Verbs F
Faint Fall Fatigue Feedback Fidget Fill
Find Fire Fish Flail Flick Flinch
Flip Flirt Flurry Fluster Flying Kick Focus
Fold Follow Forage Formula Forward Throw Front Kick
Frown Fulcrum Cut Fume Furrow

Standing: Scheherazade's eyes roll back in her head as her knees buckle causing her to collapse in a heap to the ground.
Sitting: Scheherazade falls backwards from her seat and passes out!
Prone: Scheherazade's eyes roll back in her head and she goes completely limp!

Scheherazade falls over.


Feedback - Gives you instructions on how to write to feedback.

Scheherazade fidgets nervously.


Find - Find will tell you if that player is in the lands or not.

Fire - This verb is used to fire ranged weapons such as bows and slings.

Fish - Used to do things that pertain to fishing such as baiting line, tying line to poles, hooks to line and casting.

Standing: Scheherazade flails her arms about.
Prone: Scheherazade thrashes around on the floor.
Self: Scheherazade wildly flails her arms above her head!
Others: Scheherazade flails her arms around in front of Vaftel.


Alone: Scheherazade flinches.
Self: Scheherazade's body jerks briefly.
Others: Scheherazade edges away from Vaftel.

Flip - used to perform several combat moves: Flip Back, Flip Dodge, Flip Attack and Flip Windmill.

Usage: FLIRT <Person> <adverb>
FLIRT <adverb>
FLIRT <Person>
Try these words: awkwardly, seductively, sinisterly, coyly, shyly, subtly, showy, romanticly, smugly, rudely, or humbly.
Your APPEARANCE stat does effect how well you flirt and whether you can flirt with certain people successfully or not.


Scheherazade blushes and babbles a few incoherent words, looking sincerely flustered.

Flying - Used to perform the combat moves: Flying Punch, Flying Side Kick, and Flying Side Punch.




Forage - Used to forage for all manner of things from flowers to bait.

Formula - Lists and gives information to alchemists on formulas.

Forward Throw - Used to execute the combat move, Forward Throw.

Front Kick - Used to execute the combat move, Front Kick.

Frown - Frown may be used as a way of delivering messages. Do NOT use this to pretend to be something you aren't or to have something you don't.
Alone: Scheherazade frowns.
Self: Scheherazade contorts her countenance in a quick frown.
Others: Scheherazade frowns at Vaftel.
Scheherazade frowns as she tries to get through this immense verb list.

Fulcrum Cut


Furrow (brow)
Scheherazade furrows her brow.

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