Verbs G
Gag Gasp Gawk Gaze Gazette Gesture
Get Giggle Give Glance Glare Glower
Go Gobble Gossip Graze Cut Grieve Grimace
Grin Grind Groan Group Grovel Growl
Grumble Grunt Guffaw Gulp Gurgle Guzzle

Self: Scheherazade sticks her finger in her mouth and makes a gagging sound.
Others: Scheherazade looks at Vaftel and gags.
Item: Scheherazade looks at her dull-edged spoon and gags.

Alone: Scheherazade gasps!
Self: Scheherazade holds her breath.
Others: Scheherazade gasps at Vaftel!
NPCs and items: Scheherazade gasps at Sid.

Alone: Scheherazade's jaw drops.
Others: Scheherazade gawks at Vaftel.

Alone: Scheherazade gazes around at her surroundings.
Self: Scheherazade crosses her eyes.
Others: Scheherazade gazes at Vaftel.
Adverbs you can use: Amazement, Admiration, Wonder, Awe, Happy,
Sadly, Defiantly, Dreamy, Worshipfully, Sympathetic, Grim, Mournful
Thoughtfully, Hopefully, Silently, Coldly, Warmly, Adoration, Indignant,
Disgust, Annoyance, Fuming, Tenderly, Sternly, Warning, Sorrow,
Apologetically, Determined, Malevolently, Crafty, Innocently, Mocking,
Concern, Contempt, Uncertain, Pained, Proudly, Reverent,
Affectionately, Prim, Unconcerned, Loving, Meekly, Frightened,
Fondly, Seductively, Demurely, Timidly, Shyly, Mischievously.

Gazette - Premium use only. Used to access the Gazette, Premium Member News.

Gesture - Used to gesture with your hands.

Get - Used to get items so that they are held in one's hand.

Alone: Scheherazade giggles.
Self: Scheherazade dissolves into a fit of giggles.
Others: Scheherazade giggles at Vaftel.

Give - This verb is used to give another player an item.

Glance - Use this verb to glance at what's in your hands.
Others: Scheherazade glances at Vaftel.

Alone: Scheherazade glares.
Self: Scheherazade bares her teeth.
Others: Scheherazade glares at Vaftel.

Alone: Scheherazade glowers.
Self: Scheherazade crouches down and sulks.
Self prone: Scheherazade scowls at the ceiling/sky.
Others: Scheherazade glowers darkly at Vaftel.
Items: Scheherazade glowers at a big red button.

Go - This verb is used to go through portals such as doors and arches.


Gossip - Use this verb to tell gossip to NPCs, some will believe you… some won't. You can also ASK ABOUT GOSSIP to see what the latest gossip is.

Graze Cut


A pained expression crosses Scheherazade's face.

Alone: Scheherazade grins.
Self: Scheherazade gets a silly grin on her face.
Others: Scheherazade grins at Vaftel.

Grind - This verb is used to grind gems into dust for alchemy. Need a rock in one hand and the gem in the other.

Alone: Scheherazade groans.
Self: Scheherazade groans.
Others: Scheherazade groans at Vaftel.

Group - Use this verb to check your group and see who's all in it. You can also use it to Open and Close your group.

Alone: Ares grovels around on the ground.
Self: Ares grovels around on the ground like a baby.
Others: Ares grovels at the feet of Scheherazade.

Alone: Scheherazade growls.
Others: Scheherazade growls at Vaftel.

Scheherazade grumbles.

Scheherazade grunts.


Scheherazade gulps.

Scheherazade makes a gurgling noise.


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