Verbs H
Handstand Hang Health Help Hiccup Hide
Hip Throw Hiss Hold Home Hook How
Howl Hug Hum Hurl



Health - Use this verb to check your health.

Help - This verb gives you access to the Help files, type Help List to see all Help subjects.

Scheherazade hiccups.

Hide - Used to hide one's self. Type more than once to slip deeper into stealth.

Hip Throw

Hiss - This can be used to talk also.
Scheherazade hisses.
Scheherazade hisses, "Zylna pon zylna dabra hulza!"

Hold - Used to hold people's hands to form a group.
Alone: Scheherazade wrings her hands.

Home - Gives access to the Home settings and verbs such as Claim, Change, Scent and Guest.

Hook - This verb is used to execute the combat moves, Hook Punch and Hook Kick.

How - This verb gives you access to the Help files, type Help List to see all Help subjects.

Alone: Scheherazade throws back her head and howls.
Self: Scheherazade throws back her head and releases an agonized howl!
Others: Scheherazade lets out a howl for Vaftel!
NPCs: Scheherazade looks at Sid and lets out a loud howl!

Usage: HUG <Type> <Person>
HUG <Person> <Area>

Try these types: bear, carefully, comforting, gently, half, happily, joyfully, lap*, lovingly, lumbar, playfully, sadly, shyly, side, teasingly, tightly, uncertainly, welcome.
Try these areas: arm, head, knees, leg, neck, shoulder, waist.
Areas marked with a * after them can only be performed by a bonded couple properly!

Alone: Scheherazade hums!
Self: Scheherazade hums beneath her breath.
Others: Scheherazade hums to Vaftel.
Adverbs you may use: Softly, loudly, dreamily, sadly, foolish, energetic, wistfully, happily, knowingly and innocently.

Hurl - Used to throw object that are throwable such as weapons, some pies and snowballs.

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