Verbs I
Identify Ignore Impale Impudence Information Insult
Inventory Invite Invoke

This verb is used to Identify relics to see what is in them and who they are aligned with. It is also used to identify curses on people and tell the duration as well as what kind of cure they will need.

Alone: Scheherazade appears to completely block out the world about her.
Self: Scheherazade appears to be distracted.
Others: Scheherazade turns her back on Vaftel.
NPCs: Scheherazade ignores Sid.


Impudence - Use this verb to check your impudence… the way the gods look upon you. As you use more magic the gods get more angry and your impudence rises.

Information - This verb will give you information on yourself such as name, alignment, profession, race, and stats.


Inventory - Use this verb to check your inventory, it shows everything that you are wearing.

Invite - This verb is used to invite people to private tables. So far it is only used in one Inn in the SE Quad.

Invoke - Used to invoke spells stored in relics.
Person's name: Scheherazade's eyes widen as she utters the name of Leanna!

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