Verbs K
Kick Kiss Knead Kneel Knife Hand Knock

Kick - Be careful kicking items, they're fair game on the ground.
Humans and Giants
Standing: Scheherazade kicks her leg up into the air!
Sitting: Scheherazade stretches out her legs.
Kneeling: Scheherazade suddenly loses her balance and falls onto her nose!
Prone: Scheherazade pounds her feet on the ground!
Others standing: Scheherazade kicks Vaftel!
Others sitting: Scheherazade stretches out one leg and nudges Vaftel with her foot.
Item - Item: Scheherazade drop-kicks a tiny figurine!
Standing: Kalico kicks her leg up into the air!
Kneeling: Kalico suddenly loses her balance and falls onto her nose, flailing all four legs wildly as she trys to right herself!
Prone: Kalico flails all four legs about!
Sitting: Kalico stretches out one front leg and flexes her fetlock before tucking the leg back under her body.
Others Standing: Kalico turns around and kicks Vaftel!
Others Sitting: Kalico stretches out one leg and nudges Vaftel with her hoof.
Item: Kalico tosses a medium vitreous topaz into the air then turns around and kicks it!
Self: Scheherazade looks as if she could kick herself.

Usage: KISS <Type> <Person>
KISS <Person> <Area>

Try these types: aggressive, amorously, angrily, casually, coy, cruelly, deeply*, distracted, hard, languid, lingering*, lovingly, mockingly, passionate, plain, playfully, reserved, sadly, showy, shyly, sloppy, slow, softly, steal, teasingly, tenderly.
Try these places: arm, cheek, chin, ear, elbow*, eyes, fingers, forehead, foot, hair, hand, jaw, knee, lips, mouth, neck, nose, palm, shoulder, throat, wrist.
Locations marked with a * after them can only be done by a bonded couple!

Alone: Scheherazade clumsily kneads with one hand.
Self: Scheherazade rubs her aching muscles.
Other: Scheherazade rubs Cupid's aching muscles.
Item: Scheherazade kneads a bright rainbow charm necklace.
Areas that may be massaged: Shoulders, Head, Feet, Hands, Arms, Legs, Neck, Back

Scheherazade kneels.

Knife Hand

Self: Scheherazade's knees knock together.
Others: Scheherazade knocks Vaftel on the back of the head.
Items: Scheherazade knocks on an autographed counter.

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