Verbs L
Latch Laugh Lean Leap Leave Lick
Lie Lift Light Lightning Punch Limp Listen
Load Lock Look Lunge

Latch - This verb is used to latch doors in Inn rooms for privacy.

Alone: Scheherazade laughs!
Self: Scheherazade laughs at herself.
Others: Scheherazade laughs at Vaftel.
Happy: Scheherazade laughs happily.
Triumphant: Scheherazade lets out a short, triumphant, "HAH!"
Darkly: Scheherazade laughs softly and rubs her hands together.
Evil: Scheherazade laughs quietly to herself, an odd gleam in her eye.
Maniacal: Scheherazade cackles like a lunatic!
Nervous: Scheherazade laughs nervously.

Alone: Scheherazade shifts her weight.
Self: Scheherazade folds her arms across her chest.
Others: Scheherazade leans on Tennetty.
Left: Scheherazade leans to her left slightly.
Right: Scheherazade leans to her right slightly.
Back: Scheherazade leans back.
Forward: Scheherazade leans forward.

Leap - This verb is used to perform the combat moves, Leap, Leap Attack, and Leap Save.

Leave - Use this verb to leave a group that you are part of.

Alone: Scheherazade sticks out her tongue.
Self: Scheherazade touches her lips with the tip of her tongue.
Others: Scheherazade sticks her tongue out at Vaftel!
Items: Scheherazade licks her lollipop.
Nose self: Scheherazade licks her nose.
Lip self: Scheherazade licks her lips.
Areas that may be licked on others: Ear, Cheek, Nose*, Hand, Feet, Foot, Mouth*, Lip*, Finger*, Wrist*, Chin

  • Need to be bonded.

Sitting: Scheherazade stretches out into a reclining position.
Standing: Scheherazade stretches out onto the ground.
Prone: Scheherazade shifts about a bit, adjusting her position.
Self: Scheherazade flings herself onto the ground!


Light - Used to light candles and fires in fireplaces.

Lightning Punch



Load - Used to load ammunition into slings and crossbows.

Lock - Used to lock homes.

Look - This verb is used to look at all manner of things from people to items to rooms.

Lunge - This verb is used to execute the combat maneuver, Lunge.

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