Verbs M
March Mark Measure Meditate Menu Message
Mine Moan Mock More Mumble Mutter


Mark - Used to Mark numbers on your Eureka Board when playing Eureka in the Gaming Hall.

Measure - This verb can be used to check people's demeanor as well as measure levels of critters.
Self: Scheherazade suddenly asks, "Do I look fat in this?"
Others: Scheherazade eyes up Tennetty.

Scheherazade moves to a kneeling position and begins to quietly meditate.

Menu - This verb calls up menus in taverns and restaurants. Also use this in the shop ordering menus to redisplay the first page of a menu.



Scheherazade moans.


More - Used to see more options in shop menus.
When used alone you see: More More MORE!

Alone: Scheherazade mumbles something under her breath.
Self: Scheherazade mumbles to herself.
Others: Scheherazade mumbles incoherently at Leanna.
NPCs: Scheherazade begins mumbling at Sid.

Mutter - Mutter may be used as a way of delivering messages, do NOT use this to pretend to be something you aren't or to have something you don't.
Alone: Scheherazade mutters something under her breath.
Self: Scheherazade mutters incoherently to herself.
Others: Scheherazade mutters incoherently at Apollonius.
NPCs: Scheherazade begins muttering at Sid.
Scheherazade mutters something under her breath about all these blasted verbs.

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