Verbs N
Nag Neigh News Nibble Nicker Nod
Notch Nudge Nuzzle


Non-centaur: Scheherazade starts to neigh like a centaur but instead lapses into a coughing fit.
Centaur - Kalico neighs loudly.

News - Used to check the in game news.


Non-Centaur Alone: Scheherazade makes a strange noise that might be similar to a centaur nickering.
Non-Centaur Self: Scheherazade makes nickering sounds to herself, obviously quite unaware of how silly it sounds when a non-centaur does it.
Non-Centaur Others: Scheherazade makes a strange nickering noise at Apollonius that sounds like a centaur on its death bed.
Cenatur Alone: Kalico nickers.
Centaur Self: Kalico nickers to herself.
Centaur Others: Kalico nickers at Apollonius.

Alone: Scheherazade nods.
Self: Scheherazade stares at the ground for a moment.
Others: Scheherazade nods to Apollonius.


Self: Scheherazade slaps her hand against her hip.
Others: Scheherazade nudges Apollonius with her elbow.
Held Items: Scheherazade nudges her beer with one finger.
Room Items: Scheherazade nudges an autographed counter with her foot.

Nuzzle - Must be bonded to use this verb.

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