Verbs R
Raise Rake Raspberry Read Reallocate Rear
Recite Refer Refuse Register Release Remember
Remove Rent Repair Report Reroll Resync
Retreat Reverse Ring Rip Ritual Roar
Rock Roll Roshambo Row Rub Run

Alone: Scheherazade raises her head.
Eye: Scheherazade raises an eyebrow.
Eye person: Scheherazade raises an eyebrow in Leanna's direction.
Hand: Scheherazade raises her hand.
Hand person: Scheherazade raises her hand, palm out, in Leanna's direction.
Item: Scheherazade raises her oak ferret high above her head!
Weapon: Scheherazade raises her darkened bronze nunchaku in triumph!


Alone: Scheherazade sticks out her tongue and lets loose with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from her lips!
Self: Scheherazade lets out an exasperated, "Pbpbpb."
Others: Scheherazade sticks her tongue out at Leanna, and lets out with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from her lips!

Read - Used to read menus and signs along with other written materials. Also used to activate books.

Reallocate - This verb is used to enter the reallocation chamber when available.

Non-Centaur: Scheherazade stands up on her tiptoes and paws her hands in the air!
Centaur: Kalico rears back and paws the air with her hooves!

Recite - This verb is used to recite things. Use semicolons to force line breaks. You can also use this verb to activate fame story parchments. Please do NOT use this just to gain attention,

Scheherazade recites:

"Zylna pon zylna dabra hulza!
Ista reva don!
Anaku dingir!"

Referral - Use this verb to check your position in the referral queue if you have been referred to speak to a GM.

Refuse - This verb is used to refuse offers with merchants.


Release - Use this verb to release critters and/or people after getting them into wrestling holds such as arm lock and bear hugs.

Remember - This verb is used to Remember locations. Once someone has a location remembered they can use TELL to tell folks about it. This is also used with the priest spell Thought Vision to allow locations to be looked at instead of just people.

Remove - This is used to remove items you are wearing.
Scheherazade removes her brocade vest.



Report - Used to report serious situations to GMs that need their attention immediately.

Reroll - This verb is used in temples to start your character over and allow rerolling of features and such. This will negate all that your character has earned so far including levels, skills, items and dinars… you will be starting from scratch.

Resync - Use this command to resynchronize the wizard with the game if something ever gets messed up like your health bar or compass.

Retreat - This verb is used to get out of combat.

Reverse - Use this verb to perform the following combat moves: Reverse Stroke, Reverse Punch, Reverse Arm Bar, and Reverse Throw.

Ring - This is used to ring bells, example: the Mentor Garden bell.


Ritual - This is used by magic users to get more information on specific rituals.

Alone: Scheherazade roars!
Self: Scheherazade roars to herself.
Others: Scheherazade roars at Leanna!
NPCs and critters: Scheherazade roars at Sid, who gives a small start. (different reactions according to adrenal I think)

Scheherazade rocks back on her heels.

Alone: Scheherazade rolls back her shoulders.
Eyes: Scheherazade rolls her eyes.
Head: You hear a loud "CRACK!" as Scheherazade rolls her head around on her neck.
Items: Scheherazade rolls her cinnamon spice cookie over in her hand.
Paper: Scheherazade rolls up her parchment.



Alone: Scheherazade rubs her face.
Hand: Scheherazade rubs her hands together.
Others: Scheherazade rubs Leanna gently.
Items: Scheherazade rolls her soft green coin purse a little to the right, then to the left.


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