Verbs S
Salute Sashay Say Scoff Scold Scowl
Scratch Scream Screech Search Select Sell
Sew Shake Shape Share Shiver Shoot
Show Shriek Shrug Shudder Shuffle Shush
Side Kick Sigh Sign Simulacrum Sing Sink
Sip Sit Skate Skills Skin Skip
Slam Slap Sleep Smack Smell Smile
Smirk Smooch Snap Snarl Sneak Sneer
Sneeze Snicker Sniffle Snigger Snort Snuff
Snuggle Sob Somersault Sonic Speak Spear Hand
Speech Spike Spinning Strike Spit Splash Splutter
Squeal Squint Squirm Stab Stack Stalk
Stamp Stance Stand Stare Start Status
Steal Stock Stoke Stomp Stop Stow
Stretch Stride Strike Strut Study Stumble
Style Subtext Suggest Sulk Surrender Survey
Swap Sway Swear Sweat Sweep Swim
Swing Swish Swoon

Alone: Scheherazade stands stiffly at attention and renders a salute!
Others: Scheherazade snaps to attention and hails Leanna with a crisp hand salute.
Others with item: Scheherazade pivots in Leanna's direction and salutes her with her nunchaku, bringing the weapon downwards in a precise, fluid movement.


Say - Used as an alternative to speak without using the single quote to begin your sentence.

Alone: Scheherazade scoffs.
Self: Scheherazade sniffs and looks huffy.
Others: Scheherazade scoffs at Leanna.

Alone: Scheherazade shakes her head, clucking her tongue.
Self: Scheherazade smacks her forehead with the palm of her hand!
Others: Scheherazade shakes her head at Leanna and clucks her tongue.

Alone: Scheherazade scowls.
Self: Scheherazade scowls to herself.
Others: Scheherazade scowls at Leanna.

Alone: Scheherazade claws at the air.
Others: Scheherazade claws at the air before Leanna.
Items: Scheherazade scratches her fingernails on a coated knife.
Places that can be scratched: Foot, Side, Back, Eye, Chin, Ear, Neck, Hand, Arm and Head

Alone: Scheherazade screams!
Self: Scheherazade chokes back a scream.
Others: Scheherazade looks at Leanna and begins to scream!
Items: Scheherazade begins screaming at a coated knife!


Search - Use this verb to search for hidden people or objects or paths in a room. Also can be used to search certain objects and is used to search kills for treasure.
Scheherazade searches around for a moment.

Select - Used to select something somewhere apparently. I have never run across a place to use this.

Sell - Used to sell items in the furrier, pawnshop or jeweler.


Shake - Shaking some trees will make fruit fall.
Alone: Scheherazade shakes uncontrollably.
Self: Scheherazade gives herself a little shake.
Others: Scheherazade gives Leanna a little shake.
Held Item: Scheherazade shakes her dust bunny!
Room Items: Scheherazade glances at an autographed counter and starts to shake.
Head: Scheherazade shakes her head.
Head Self: Scheherazade gives her head a little jerk.


Share - This verb is used to split dinars evenly with your group.

Alone: Scheherazade shivers.
Self: Scheherazade breaks out in goosebumps.
Others: Scheherazade looks at Leanna and shivers.


Show - Use this verb to show things to people. Some items have special show descriptions that are only seen when this is done.

Alone: Scheherazade shrieks!
Others: Scheherazade shrieks at Leanna!

Alone: Scheherazade shrugs.
Self: Scheherazade shrugs to herself.
Others: Scheherazade looks at Leanna and shrugs.

Alone: Scheherazade shudders.
Self: A horrified expression crosses Scheherazade's face.
Others: Scheherazade looks at Leanna and shudders.

Scheherazade shuffles her feet. (hooves)

Alone: Scheherazade makes a shushing noise.
Self: Scheherazade holds up one finger to her lips and makes a soft shushing noise.
Others: Scheherazade glances at Leanna and holds up one finger to her lips.
NPCs and Items: Scheherazade glances at a dust bunny and makes a shushing noise.

Side Kick - Use this verb to perform the combat move, Side Kick.

Sigh - Here is a list of adverbs that I have found that may be used with SIGH:
mournful, happy, thought, dreamy, sadly, sympathetic, surprised, meek, frustrated, satisfied, awe, exasperated, sleepy, desperate, contented, resignation, relief, disappointed, angry, exhausted, fuming, scared, foot/hoof, hands, head, directions and dead animals.

Alone: Scheherazade sighs.
Self:: Scheherazade lets out a deep sigh.
Others: Scheherazade looks at Leanna and sighs.

Sign - I am guessing this is used to sign stuff.
You really shouldn't be going around scribbling on everything.


Sing - This verb is used to sing songs, use semicolons to force line breaks. It is also used by storytellers to execute combat songs as well as fame songs. Please do NOT use this to gain attention.

Scheherazade sings:

"Zylna pon zylna dabra hulza!
Ista reva don!
Anaku dingir!"



Non-Centaur: Scheherazade sits down.
Centaur: Kalico settles down onto the ground.
Self: Scheherazade plops down on the ground.
Others standing: Scheherazade sits at Leanna's feet.
Others sitting: Scheherazade sits down next to Leanna.


Skills - Use this verb to check your skills.

Skin - This verb is used to skin critters after they're killed.



Alone: Scheherazade slaps her hands together.
Self: Scheherazade slaps herself on the forehead!
Others: Scheherazade slaps Leanna on the shoulder.
Items: Scheherazade slaps a dust bunny.
Areas that you may slap people: Knee, Head, Back, Palms, Face, Shoulder, Mouth, Ear

Sleep - When you sleep, all other verbs are changed to sleep verbs. You will awaken automatically.
Leanna yawns then stretches out on the ground and goes to sleep.

Alone: Scheherazade smacks her lips together.
Others: Scheherazade just smacked Leanna!
Places others may be smacked: Gut, Face, Head, Back

Alone: Scheherazade sniffs the air around her.
Self: Scheherazade inhales deeply.
Others: Scheherazade sniffs at Leanna.

Smile - Smile may be used as a way of delivering messages, do NOT use this to pretend to be something you aren't or to have something you don't.
Alone: Scheherazade smiles.
Self: Scheherazade flashes her teeth in a quick smile.
Others: Scheherazade smiles at Leanna.

Alone: Scheherazade smirks.
Self: Scheherazade gets a smug expression on her face.
Others: Scheherazade smirks at Leanna.

Alone: Scheherazade smacks her lips together.
Others: Scheherazade gives Iolaus a smooch.
Items: Scheherazade gives her mirror a smooch!

Scheherazade snaps her fingers.

Snarl - This can be used to talk also.
Alone: Scheherazade snarls.
Others: Scheherazade snarls at Leanna.
Scheherazade snarls, "Zylna pon zylna dabra hulza!"

Sneak - Use this verb to sneak around, usually helps to be hiding.
When done in melee:
Leanna looks like she is trying to sneak away… Nope, there's no escape.

Alone: Scheherazade sneers.
Self: Scheherazade wrinkles her nose.
Others: Scheherazade sneers at Garrock.

Scheherazade sneezes.

Alone: Scheherazade snickers.
Self: Scheherazade snickers to herself.
Others: Scheherazade snickers at Garrock.

Alone: Scheherazade sniffs.
Self: Scheherazade sucks in a deep breath.
Others: Scheherazade sniffs at Garrock.


Alone: Scheherazade snorts.
Self: Scheherazade snorts derisively.
Others: Scheherazade snorts at Garrock.

Snuff - Used to put out flames, usually on candles.
Scheherazade snuffs out a cloud-cut rainbow wax candle.

Self: Scheherazade looks about with a lonely expression on her face.
Others: Scheherazade snuggles up close to Ares.
Items: Scheherazade snuggles her bunny.

Scheherazade sobs.




Spear Hand



Spinning Strike - Use this verb to perform the following combat move: Spinning Strike.

Alone: Kalico spits on the ground.
Self: Kalico spits at her hooves. (feet)
Others: Kalico spits at Garrock's hooves. (feet)
Items: Kalico spits on her chest.


Scheherazade splutters.

Alone: Scheherazade squeals.
Others: Scheherazade squeals at Garrock.

Alone: Scheherazade squints.
Self: Scheherazade narrows her eyes.
Others: Scheherazade squints at Garrock.

Scheherazade squirms.


Stack - This verb is used to stack wood behind fireplaces for burning.

Stalk - Used to stalk other players while in hiding.

Alone: Scheherazade stamps her feet. (hooves)
Self: Scheherazade stamps her feet with impatience. (hooves)
Others: Scheherazade stamps her feet at Garrock!
Room Items: Scheherazade stamps her way around an autographed counter!


Scheherazade stands up.

Alone: Scheherazade stares at her surroundings.
Self: Scheherazade crosses her eyes.
Others: Scheherazade stares at Garrock.
Ways you can stare: Hungry, Hopeless, Awe, Angry, Astonish, Sickened, Bold, Defiant, Amazement

Start - This verb is used to Start Help, an automatic way of listening to advice.

Status - This verb works similar to Who, it shows the number of folks playing and people onduty. Stat Full shows all people's names in lands.

Steal - This verb is used to steal from critters.

Stock - Use this verb to stock the wood in the fireplace once you have it stacked.

Stoke - This is used to stoke the fire in the fireplace once you have it stocked and lit.

Alone: Scheherazade stomps her foot! (hoof)
Self: Scheherazade stomps about in a circle.
Others: Scheherazade stomps her foot at Garrock! (hoof)
Room Items: Scheherazade stomps her way around an autographed counter!
Giants: Thaddeuss stomps his foot! The ground seems to tremble slightly beneath the impact.

Stop - Use this verb to Stop Help.

Stow - This verb is used to set your stow away container and then to stow items into it. For example the first time you use Stow you would tell it the container. Stow candles in my backpack. From then on you can just type Stow and it will automatically go into your backpack. You can also Stow Right/Left to stow things in your hands.

Alone: Scheherazade stretches.
Self: Scheherazade hugs herself tightly.
Others: Scheherazade stretches out a hand imploringly to Garrock.
NPCs and Items: Scheherazade stretches out a hand to Sid.

Stride - Stride may also be used to walk.
Alone: Scheherazade strides a few steps forward.
Self: Scheherazade takes a few steps in a small circle.
Others: Scheherazade strides over to stand before Garrock.
Left/Right Person: Scheherazade slowly paces to her left, moving in a circle around Garrock.
Behind Person: Scheherazade moves to stand behind Garrock.
NPCs and Items: Scheherazade strides a few steps toward Sid.
Behind NPCs and Items: Scheherazade walks to stand behind Sid.
Scheherazade strides away, moving north. Scheherazade just strode in.



Study - This verb is used by alchemists to study scrolls in order to learn formulas.



Subtext - This verb is used to send a message in subtext. This is not an excuse to go OOC or a way to try to gain attention.

Suggest - This verb lets you know how to make suggestions to AoH staff.

Scheherazade looks downright miserable.


Survey - This is used to participate in a survey if there is one available.

Swap - Use this verb to swap items in your hands, left to right and right to left.

Scheherazade sways back and forth.


Alone: Scheherazade begins to sweat.
Self: Scheherazade tenses up, beads of sweat glistening on her brow.
Others: Scheherazade glances at Garrock and begins to sweat.

Sweep - Used to perform the combat move, Sweep.


Swing - Used to perform the combat move, Swing.

Centaur: Kalico swishes her tail about.

Alone: Scheherazade swoons to the floor in a dramatic heap!
Self: Scheherazade's eyes flutter shut as she is overcome with emotion and crumples to the ground!
Others: Scheherazade glances toward Autolycus before swooning at his feet!

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