Verbs T
Tackle Tap Target Tell Think Thread
Throw Thrust Thumb Thump Tickle Tie
Tilt Time Title Toss Touch Tousle
Trace Train Treat Tremble Trim Trudge
Trust Tuck Tug Tumble Tune Turn
Tweak Twiddle Twist Twitch Twitter Typo

Tackle - This is used to perform the combat move, Tackle.

Alone: Scheherazade taps her foot. (forehoof)
Self: Scheherazade taps herself on the chest.
Others: Scheherazade taps Garrock lightly on his shoulder.


Tell - This verb is used to Tell minions what to do… attack, leave, follow. It is also used by storytellers to tell people about remembered places.
When you tell to someone, other people see: Scheherazade tells Leanna something with great emotion.

Leanna saw: Scheherazade begins telling you the vivid details about a well remembered locale…
An Interesting Room
Chains dangle from the four walls where they once suspended Fedmire in the middle of the room. You also see some boiling lava.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

And to myself people see: Scheherazade quietly mumbles something to herself.

Think - This verb is used to project your thoughts over the thought net using socra stones or the priest spell Thought Focus. It is also used with the priest spell Thought Vision to think about people or places and see them in your mind.


Throw - This is used to throw thrown weapons in combat.


Alone: Scheherazade presses her thumbs together.
Self: Scheherazade thumbs her nose.
Others: Scheherazade thumbs her nose at Garrock!
Items: Scheherazade runs her thumb over her dust bunny.

Alone: Scheherazade thumps her fists against her hips. (withers)
Self: Scheherazade thumps her fist in the palm of her hand.
Items: You thump your fist against your book.

Alone: Scheherazade wiggles her fingers.
Self: Scheherazade holds her sides.
Others: Scheherazade tickles Garrock.
Items: Scheherazade flutters her fingers over a tattered book.
NPCs: Scheherazade wiggles her fingers at Sid.

Tie - This verb is used to tie bundles, also used in the underworld to tie items to the raft to replace broken ropes.
Scheherazade tightens the ties on a bundle of papers.

Alone: Scheherazade tilts her head back and forth.
Self: Scheherazade tilts her chin down to her chest.
Others: Scheherazade tilts her head toward Garrock.
Can also tile Back, Side, Up, or Down.

Time - This is used to look up at the sky and judge what time it is. Alchemists with enough skill can do this even from indoors.


Toss -This verb can be used to toss items to people like offering. It can also be used to toss items you are holding between your hands. Be careful tossing items, some things are breakable and will break when they fall to the groun.
Scheherazade tosses her wildflower streamers in Leanna's direction and she catches it in midair.
Tossing an item with one hand empty: Scheherazade tosses some wildflower streamers back and forth between her hands.
Tossing with the other hand full: Scheherazade tosses some wildflower streamers into the air!
As they fall back to the ground she deftly catches them!

Toss alone: Scheherazade tosses her head.
Toss at self: Scheherazade tosses back her head.
Toss at other: Scheherazade tosses her head at Leanna.
Toss at NPC: Scheherazade tosses her head toward Sid.

Alone: Scheherazade holds up one finger.
Self: Scheherazade places the tips of her fingers together.
Others: Scheherazade holds her hand out to Garrock.
Items: Scheherazade touches a tattered book.



Train - This verb is used to train with trainers.


Alone: Scheherazade trembles.
Self: Scheherazade trembles violently.
Others: Scheherazade looks at Garrock and trembles.





Alone: You ball one hand into a fist.
Self: You display a little indecisiveness.
Others: You tug on Garrock.
Places that can be tugged: Hand, Arm, Shoulder, Neck, Chin, Mouth, Lip, Eye, Hair, Tail, Mustache, Beard, Goatee, Stubble
Here are some that do special things:
Chin Other: Scheherazade grasps Garrock's chin and turns his head toward her.
Mouth Other: Scheherazade gives Garrock a lopsided grin.
Lip Other: Scheherazade grasps Garrock's face, squishing his cheeks together so he looks like a fish!
Eye Other: Scheherazade squints one eye, and peers at Garrock with the other.
Centaur Tail Standing: Kalico starts turning around and around in a circle as she tries to grab her tail!
Centaur Tail Sitting: Kalico turns and eyes her tail.

Tumble - This verb is used to do the combat moves, Tumble and Tumble Dodge.


Standing: Scheherazade turns sharply on her heel.
Sitting: You shift into a more comfortable position.
Centaur: Kalico rears up and wheels around sharply on her back hooves.
Self: Scheherazade cocks her head to one side.
Others: Scheherazade turns toward Garrock.
Items: Scheherazade turns her book around in her hands.

Alone: Scheherazade rubs her thumb and forefinger together.
Places that may be tweaked: Toe, Ribs, Ear, Nose, Cheek, Lips

Scheherazade twiddles her thumbs.

Twist - This verb is used in the Underworld to twist ropes together.

Scheherazade twitches slightly.

Alone: Scheherazade twitters.
Self: Scheherazade twitters at Garrock.
Others: Scheherazade twitters like a demented bird!

Typo - Use this verb to report typos to the GMs.

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