Verbs U
Ululate Unbundle Unhide Unlatch Unload Unlock
Unmark Unroll Unstack Uppercut Usage Use

Ululate - Used to do your personal ululation when you have enough adrenal training.

Unbundle - Use this verb to remove an item from a bundle.
Tied: Scheherazade loosens up the ties on her bundle of papers and removes a piece of paper from it.
Not tied: Scheherazade removes a piece of paper from her bundle of papers.

Unhide - Use this verb to come out of hiding.
Scheherazade comes out of hiding.

Unlatch - Use this to unlatch latched doors in Inn rooms.

Unload - This verb is used to unload a crossbow or sling.

Unlock - Use this to unlock doors, usually to houses that you have a key to.

Unmark - This verb is used to remove marks from your Eureka Board.

Unroll - Use this to unroll rolled papers and parchments.
Scheherazade unrolls her parchment.

Unstack - This is used to remove wood from your stack of wood behing your fireplace.


Usage - Usage will sometimes tell you how items can be used.


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