Verbs W
Wade Wail Wait Watch Wave Wealth
Wear Weather Web Weep Wheeze Whimper
Whine Whinny Whisper Whistle Whittle Who
Wiggle Wince Windmill Wink Withdraw Write


Scheherazade wails.

Alone: Scheherazade seems to be waiting for something.
Self: Scheherazade frowns impatiently.
Others: Scheherazade seems to be waiting for Garrock to do something.


Alone: Scheherazade waves.
Self: Scheherazade fans her face.
Others: Scheherazade waves at Garrock.
Items: Scheherazade waves her tattered book around.

Wealth - This is used to check the dinars you have in your pockets.
With dinars: Scheherazade rummages around in her pockets.
Without: Scheherazade appears to be checking her pockets for something, but finds them empty.

Wear - Use thise verb to wear wearable items. It can also be used to wear perfume.
Scheherazade puts a purple bolero vest edged with amethyst chips on.



Alone: A tear runs down Scheherazade's face.
Others: Scheherazade looks at Garrock and begins to weep softly.

Scheherazade wheezes.

Scheherazade whimpers pitifully like a lost puppy.

Alone: Scheherazade whines.
Self: Scheherazade makes a tiny little whining sound.
Others: Scheherazade looks at Garrock and whines.
NPCs and Items: Scheherazade whines at Sid.

Non-Centaur Alone: Scheherazade makes a strange noise that might be similar to a centaur whinnying.
Non-Centaur Self: Scheherazade makes whinnies to herself, obviously quite unaware of how silly it sounds when a non-centaur does it.
Non-Centaur Others: Scheherazade makes a strange whinnying noise at Garrock that sounds like a centaur on its death bed.
Centaur Alone: Kalico whinnies.
Centaur Self: Kalico whinnies to herself.
Centaur Others: Kalico whinnies at Garrock.

Whisper - Used to whisper to people or the group.
Self: Scheherazade whispers to herself.
Items: Scheherazade whispers something to a mermel puppet.

Whistle - Used to whistle FOR your STEED or whistle.
Scheherazade whistles skillfully to herself. -If you have enough Music skill
Kalico whistles tunelessly to herself. - Default whistle without skill
- whistle help — To get this screen.
- whistle for steed — To summon your steed.
- whistle for cart — To summon your premium steed. (Brings in a black draft mule with a cart, if you are a Premium member of AOH)
- whistle <target> — To whistle at someone.
- whistle <adverb> — To whistle with style.
- whistle <adverb> <target> — To whistle like you've never whistled before.

Adverbs are:
wolf, piercing, Gaelic, intricate, call, freaky, odd,
absent, innocent, haunting, cheery, sparrow, quiet.
*The Adverb whistles DO depend on Music skill


Who - This verb works similar to Status, it shows the number of folks playing and people onduty. Who Full shows all people's names in lands.

Use the following with wiggle: Eyebrows, Head, Face, Knees, Ears, Nose, Fingers or Arms.
Head/Face: Scheherazade vigorously shakes her head.
Arm: Scheherazade tucks in her arms and flaps them like a bird.
Knee/Leg: Scheherazade's knees begin to shake.
Centaur Tail: Kalico flicks her tail over her withers.

Scheherazade winces.

Windmill - This verb is used to perform the combat move, Windmill Strike.

Alone: Scheherazade winks.
Self: Scheherazade squeezes her eyes shut.
Others: Scheherazade winks at Garrock.

Withdraw - Use this verb to withdraw dinars from the bank, assuming you have any.

Write - This verb is used by storytellers to write songs and stories on paper as well as write in books.
Scheherazade gazes at her paper for a moment, then begins writing out her thoughts.

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