Vianne's Maya Goodies For You-A

[Festival of the Gods, Vianne's Maya Goodies for You-a]
Perhaps in a bid to pay respect to the gods of the Maya before it's too late, or just another way for Vianne to make a dinar on her exclusive ties with a culture far beyond the border of Greece, this shop has been hastily constructed for the opening of the God's Fair. The haste has given it a sort of native charm, though, and many of the decorations have come from her personal collection and are therefore authentic and not simply replicas. You also see a stone female mannequin with some stuff on it, a stone male mannequin with some stuff on it, a stone table covered in brightly painted scenes of Maya life with some stuff on it, a stone counter painted in a red and blue diamond motif with some stuff on it and a sign.

a female mannequin

  • a bright red and yellow huipil with deep blue braiding
  • a multicolored ceremonial cinta woven with religious symbols
  • a treadle-loomed cotton corte patched in shades of dark blue
  • a dark green faja comprised of bunched together fabric

a male mannequin

  • a red cinturon with bright red and white striped tassels
  • a dark deerskin capixay with a bright red and blue tzute
  • a bright red camisa with bold blue and white stripes
  • a pair of deerskin pantalones woven with bright colorful bands

a table

  • a stone Acan statue holding a bottle of fermented balche
  • a stone Backlum-Chaam statue sporting a long loincloth
  • a stone Ek Chuah statue carrying a sack of goods on a stick
  • a stone Ix-Chel statue holding a finely detailed birth vase
  • a stone Au-Puch statue with a large owl perched on his shoulder
  • a plain gray Chak statue holding a small axe flecked with mica
  • a stone Hunahpu and Xbanalque statue with a perched bird
  • a colorful stone Itzamna statue holding an odd relic

a counter

  • a green jade Maya necklace with golden bell beads
  • a bouncy kik and guamol resined pitz ball
  • a squat stone automaton carved with Mayan script and pictographs
  • a finely detailed stone calendar disc painted in bright hues
  • a brightly painted sickle-shaped iron Maya ceremonial knife
  • a broad wooden macuahuitl set with rows of sharpened flint teeth
  • a small bag of pure Maya cacao nibs lightly dusted with sugar
  • a cold and frothy cacao elixir in a ceremonial cup
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