Vinnee first crashed the Athenian Masquerade ball with Lenore, joining Basilikos in Athens… which seemed to take the other vrykolakas by surprise. He spent the night using bad pick up lines on any female he saw, though the true nature of all the vrykolakas were revealed near midnight, where they all drank and killed the Athenian they chose. This may be seen as an act of mercy, for those not killed quickly by their fangs were killed in a much more agonizing way of the vengeance and the torment of the souls still restless in the ballroom. Vinnee has since taken a donor and even toned down his flirting.

He was apparently a bard when he was living, but now seems to view Basilikos as a mentor or an older brother and it would appear the two have gotten up to quite alot when together. They work as partners well, and Basilikos seems to trust Vinnee implicitly. Vinnee's rather unfortunate form is that of a large wolf… unfortunate because of the vrykolakas's hatred for the lycanthropes of Hierra who they simply call "the wolves". He seems to have had some sort of romantic past with Aimakaima, though they are amicable now and neither seem inclined to talk about it.

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