The Vrykolakas


Hailing from the Greek isle of Thera, now known as Santorini, the vrykolakas are the Greek version of the vampire. Traditional rules need not apply, and they are more than happy to demonstrate this fact. The Vrykolakas originally entered the scene as more of enemies to the Athenians, but ended up being the key allies to keeping the undead at bay when it came to the dead swarming Athens. Since then, most have found donors among the Athenians and do not often kill… though there have been rumors that not all intend to obey Basilikos or even the ancient Lenore's rules. The Vrykolakas were also crucial in holding back the Lycanthropes of Hierra long enough for the Scimitar of the Moon to be seized back by the Athenians and purified, taking much of the power from the werewolves and creating a trade route for the city in the caves there.

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