Walli's World

[Walli's World]
A giant stuffed purple sea serpent wearing a rainbow bow tie stands as if greeting each patron that comes in. Overhead, miniature pegasi fly around in circles, tethered to the ceiling by a thin piece of wire. Stuffed whales and dolphins, large enough for children to sit on, are scattered all about the room. The shelves are lined from floor to ceiling with toys of all kinds. The store's counter, like the rest of the shop, is whimsical to say the least. You also see Walli and a carved door.

1   a bright playful seal                             Price 50        
2   a puffy black manatee                             Price 50        
3   a wise old walrus                                 Price 50        
4   a green sea dragon                                Price 50        
5   a multicolored fish                               Price 50        
6   a lavender octopus                                Price 50        
7   a sleek blue dolphin                              Price 50        
8   a black killer whale                              Price 50        
9   a grey shark                                      Price 50       

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