Warrior Class Guide

This is Pathina's Warrior Guide from Scheherazade's Domain. This information is here to get you all started. Edit and revise away!

As a warrior, you have a vast amount of things that you can accomplish. There are battles to fight, weapons to balance, and much more. Warriors are also capable of popping boxes or creating traps like Rogues, but to do this requires training in certain areas and I will attempt to cover those later.

Ok, let's talk about what a warrior is born for, fighting. There are a number of weapons to choose from. Different types, sizes, and styles. They all are broken down into four main catagories. One-handed, Two-handed, Ranged, and Improvised.

One-Handed weapons include: short swords, longswords, daggers, knives, scimitars, broadswords, clubs, cutlass, gladius, handaxe, kopis, mace, machete, morning star, rapier, sap, scramasax, spear, trident, and whips.
Note: Daggers, Knives, Spears, and Tridents can be thrown as well

Two-Handed Weapons include: Ball an Chain, Battle Axe, Flail, Greatsword, Halberd, Mattock, Quarter Staff, and War HammerNote:
Ball and Chain can be thrown as well

You can tell a One-Handed weapon from a Two-Handed simply be trying to hold something else in your hand. If the weapon is Two-Handed you will not be able to use it. Two-Handed weapons cannot be used unless the other hand is empty, which negates the use of a shield with them.

Ranged Weapons include: Bola, Crossbow, Dart, Javelin, Longbow, Marlinspike, Shortbow, Sling, Spoon, and Throwing Net
Note: Javelins and Marlinspikes can be used as One-Handed Weapons

Improvised Weapons are everything else, from a stuffed toy to a slice of bread to a necklace.

While these lists are a general guide for the weapon types, some weapons may be used in a number of ways. A javelin may be used to THROW at an enemy or to SWING at it. If thrown then your ranged weapons skill is used to see how well you can hit with it while swinging it will use your one-handed weapons skill. Check SKILL WEAPON to see your weapons skill to make the best judgement on which way would be best for you.

Now, you want to know how to use these weapons, right? I mean, no sense having them if you don't know how to make the pointy end go into the bad guy, right? When you come across a critter while out walking in Athens, you have two choices when using a one or two handed weapon. You can ATTACK <critter>, which puts you into an automatic combat mode. What that means is tha you will swing at your opponent roughly once every 8 to 10 seconds. This gives you time to do another action or attack in between swings such as chech your HEALTH or to use STOP ATTACK to stop attacking. If your health drops too low while using ATTACK, then you will automatically RETREAT from battle, thus saving yourself a visit to Hades' realm!

If that doesn't appeal to you, you can SWING <critter>, what that does is put you in control of your actions while in combat, no waiting for the game to decide when you need to swing. However, if you choose this type of combat, you must continuoisly tell yourself when to swing.
When using a One or Two-Handed weapon, there are several different attack moves you can use. Whether or not you can execute them properly or not depends on how much SKILL you have with weapons. Those moves are: JAB, SWING, LUNGE, REVERSE STROKE, POMMEL STRIKE, WINDMILL STRIKE, SPINNING STRIKE, THRUST, GRAZE, CRUSH, FULCRUM, and IMPALE
Note: some of these moves will work with a ranged weapon as well.

When using a Ranged weapon, such as a crossbow, There is no need to load the weapon, or obtain any type of ammo first, this is all automatic. To shoot the arrow at the critter, simply FIRE <critter>. There ar also special moves for bows. These are FIRE STUN, FIRE PIERCE, and FIRE RAPID. However, they will take more skill.
Note: You don't need to LOAD if you don't want to. All you need to do is FIRE <critter>. Also, generic arrows and crossbow bolts come with the weapon, so there is no need to purchase any

Ranged Weapons are extremely useful for beginners, as those eager to hunt quickly find out that they can die very easily. By using a ranged weapon instead of a sword, they can take advantage of a hit-and-run strategy, RETREATing before the creature gets close enough to land a blow and fire from outside of melee range.

There are also Punches and Kicks. Punches are just that, attacks with the fists and arms. There are several types of punches. They include: JAB, SWING, REVERSE PUNCH, HOOK PUNCH, BACK FIST, ELBOW.DOUBLE FIST, FLURRY PUNCH, KNIFE HAND, EAR BOX, and UPPERCUT.
Note: all the aforementioned types of moves rely greatly upon one's skills in Unarmed Combat. more complicated moves may not be available to younger players.

All the the moves already mentioned can be used in a sequence to better your fighting abilities, we call these sequences, combo moves.
Combos such as:
1) Jab with weapon, Jab with weapon, Lunge with weapon, Spinning Strike
2) Jab with weapon, Swing with weapon, Reverse Stroke, Pommel Strike, Graze Cut
3) Jab (Unarmed), Jab (Unarmed), Reverse Punch, Hook Punch, Uppercut
4) Lunge with weapon, Thrust, Windmill, Reverse Stroke, Impale
5) Reverse Stroke, Pommel Strike, Fulcrum Cut, Thrust, Graze Cut
6) Reverse Stroke, Swing with weapon, Reverse Stroke, Swing with weapon, Spinning Strike
7) Crush, Crush, Thrust, Pommel Strike, Windmill
8) Battlecraft Stun, Battlecraft Knockdown, Impale
9) Jab (Unarmed), Uppercut
10) Flurry Kick, Flurry Punch, Flurry Punch, Reverse Punch, Spear Hand
11) Lunge with weapon, Lunge with weapon, Spinning Strike, Crush, Crush
12) Jab with weapon, Thrust, Reverse Stroke, Lunge with weapon, Impale
13) Windmill, Spinning Strike, Reverse Stroke, Graze Cut, Pommel Strike
14) Fast Strike, Fast Strike
15) Side Strike, Windmill, Jab with weapon, Jab with weapon, Impale
16) Fast Strike, Minor Single Strike
17) Minor Single Strike, Flaw (in armor), Disarm Strike

Although these are the only combos that I know of, there are ALOT more. Try experimenting to see how many you can find!

BALANCEing is also a very usefull tool for the up and coming warrior. What balance does is it makes your weapon a little easier to use. It makes you hit a little harder and makes you hit a little more accurately, although not by much. Balancing also helps a warrior gain EXPERIENCE points for when he/she doesn't feel like hunting but rather sitting at the gate and talking to friends. You cannot BALANCE a weapon that is poisoned or forged. To tell if a weapon has poison on it or is forged simply MEASURE <weapon>.

In order to balance, you have to be either sitting or kneeling. Hold the weapon you wish to balance in your hand, then type BALANCE MY <WEAPON>. As with any other special attack or things of that nature, balancing requires a certain amount of skill. A level 5 warrior may not be able to do it. But, don't despair, all it takes is practice.

Ok, you've got the basics for being a warrior and WOW! there's not much else you can do besides killing stuff, right? WRONG! Warriors, while not being fluent in everything, can do certain jobs that were thought to be profession specific. Want to pick a box or lay a trap? Go for it! Want to invoke a spell from a relic? Try that too! It may not happen at first, but it is possible, all it requires is time, patience, and a certain amount of skill.

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