White House Inn and Restaurant

[White House Inn and Restaurant, The Latter]
White linen tablecloths cover the rectangular tables — which, in turn, are decked with gleaming bronze utensils and crystal goblets. High-backed oaken chairs surround each table and small glass vases with red poppy flowers decorate them. Bevel-edged windows look out on busy Apeiros Circle. You also see a waiter, an arched doorway and a fancy menu.

     Welcome to White House Inn and Restaurant!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         5    a prawn salad
      2         5    a Gargareta salad
      3         5    a bowl of asparagus soup
      4        10    a poached stuffed flounder
      5        12    a roast duck
      6        12    a juicy steak
      7         1    a glass of water
      8         4    a glass of pale ale
      9         5    a glass of red wine
     10         5    a glass of white wine
     11         5    a glass of rose wine
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