White Lotus Tea House

[White Lotus Tea House]
Shelves full of tea jars line the high walls. Tables are placed at intervals allowing for quiet, private meditation or conversation. In the corner, a skillfully kept fire heats the water needed. You also see the tea house hostess, a low tea counter, a serving counter with a sample tea setting on it and the White Lotus menu.

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    some honeyed chamomile tea
      2         3    a cup of sweet ginger tea
      3         5    a mug of light jasmine tea
      4         4    some soothing peppermint tea
      5         4    a cup of strong black tea
      6         5    a mug of lavender tea
      7         3    some piping hot lemon verbena tea
      8         6    some soothing green tea
      9         4    a cup of sweet berry tea
     10         5    some calming rose tea
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