Check out CRAFT for more information on whittling. You will need a knife or dagger and it will damage it. While this damage can be repaired with a weapon repair kit, it's easier to just use a dagger off a critter, or buy a cheap one from a store that you don't mind using. Otherwise, combat performance will be effected negatively by using a dagger that has been damaged by whittling with it. There are four different types of wood you can find sticks for:cypress, maple, walnut, and bamboo. These are also listed in difficulty order. Even if you have no problem carving something out of cypress, you may have trouble with walnut or even maple. Bamboo can only be found in select locations in the game, while the rest of the woods can be found as close as the Athenian Palace gardens. Please do keep in mind that heavy sticks do not work, so you will have to be specific. Most projects after ball and block will require two steps. The first step to carve it into a ball or a block, the second step to actually carve what you want out of it. If you get stuck, use CRAFT HINT. After you reach a certain skill, you will be able to sell what you whittle for a dinar or so in the Consignment shop in the Northwest Quadrant. What you will get for them is very low, so you may or may not find it worthwhile to actually collect things to sell.

At each new point of whittling, new projects appear on your list. Don't be discouraged by the fact you probably cannot carve the new things… or even remotely close. At 27 points in, I still often mess up on bunny on the below list… which is only about halfway down.

Project Identifier Project Carving Skill Sell Price
wooden skewer A skewer 1 0
toothpick A toothpick 2 0
wooden snake A snake 3 0
wooden serpent A serpent 3 0
wooden fish A fish 5 0
wooden block A block 5 0
wooden mushroom A mushroom 5 0
wooden ball A ball 5 0
wooden heart A heart 6 0
wooden boat A boat 6 0
wooden banana A banana 8 0
wooden orange An orange 8 0
wooden pear A pear 8 0
wooden lemon A lemon 8 0
wooden peach A peach 8 0
wooden apple An apple 8 0
wooden die A die 10 0
wooden rat A rat 10 0
wooden bird A bird 10 0
wooden mouse A mouse 10 0
wooden cow A cow 12 0
wooden pig A pig 12 0
wooden bear A bear 12 0
wooden toad A toad 13 0
wooden frog A frog 13 0
wooden dog A dog 14 0
wooden cat A cat 15 0
wooden turtle A turtle 15 0
wooden puppy A puppy 17 0
wooden kitten A kitten 17 0
wooden sheep A sheep 17 0
wooden stamper A stamper 17 0
wooden dolphin A dolphin 18 0
wooden lamb A lamb 18 0
wooden rabbit A rabbit 19 0
wooden bunny A bunny 19 0
wooden pomegranate A pomegranate 19 0
wooden cherry A cherry 19 0
wooden lizard A lizard 20 0
wooden boar A boar 20 0
wooden mule A mule 21 0
wooden camel A camel 21 0
wooden horse A horse 22 0
wooden reindeer A reindeer 22 0
wooden asp An asp 22 0
wooden whale A whale 22 0
wooden cobra A cobra 23 0
wooden dove A dove 23 0
wooden doll A doll 23 0
wooden chicken A chicken 23 0
wooden shark A shark 23 0
wooden deer A deer 24 0
wooden ring A ring 25 1
wooden pineapple A pineapple 27 1
wooden snail A snail 28 1
wooden leaf A lea 28 1
wooden skull A skull 28 1
wooden centaur A centaur 32 1
wooden human A human 32 1
wooden giant A giant 32 1
wooden mermaid A mermaid 1
wooden cyclops A cyclops 1
wooden viking A viking 1
wooden minotaur A minotaur 1
wooden satyr A satyr 1
wooden nymph A nymph 1
wooden monkey A monkey 1
wooden troll A troll 1
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