Why Does The Page Look Different?

You may notice that the site has changed a bit, as has its interface for changing pages. We had to break ties with our previous hosting service due to lack of communication and thus moved the site over to another service… which, it turns out, has ended up to be quite a bit better. We apologize for having to sign up a second time and all of the lost credits to the people who worked on our previous pages over the last 10 years. In an effort to preserve things a bit, here is a list of all of our previous contributors. Thank you for all of your work! If we have missed anyone, please feel free to sign up and add them to the list!

Andun Arcrest Arlene Carole Catalia Gammyde George Jacob
Heather Holyph Jasmine Holyph Jeggre Jill Jostinian Kalipso
Kait KatieKat Kat Kide Krisela Leanna Leonihes Llorien
Obscuros Quinlax Ralenth ResistanZ Scheherazade Stenella Sunako Tkeeri
Windle Zeus
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