Wild Oats Taverna

[Wild Oats Taverna, Saloon]
Tables are placed along the walls of the taverna, keeping the center of the room relatively clear. Small groups of centaurs stand near the tables, drinking, toasting one another, and eating heartily. A young female centaur with roses plaited into her tail serves drinks and flirts coquettishly with the patrons while easily dodging the more aggressive guests. You also see Leandros the tavern keeper and a serving menu.

     Welcome to Wild Oats Taverna, Saloon!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    some deep fried octopus tentacles
      2         3    a handful of pistachio nuts
      3         4    a roast eggplant sandwich
      4         1    a cup of crystal clear water
      5         4    a glass of carrot juice
      6         5    a shot of fermented wheat grass
      7         4    a mug of Amazon amber ale
      8         7    a tankard of imported Lapith stout
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