[Cursed Vineyard]
Long trenches run alongside the rows of wooden stakes where fresh water would flow to nourish the plants. Now only foul-smelling, bug-invested water sits stagnant in the shallow pits. Some of the vines appear to have crawled out into the water as though they were trying for one last drink before death.

Woodhaven is a small village on the way to Anavyssos from Athens. It has seen its fair share of trouble, being destroyed by Bacchus early on during his plot to kidnap Sasebo and managing to rebuild only to be destroyed by a petulent Apollo when they refused to help in one of his schemes. Now afraid to even try to rebuild, the village still remains mostly in ashes even after the Athenians' valiant attempts to put the fires out before they spread.

As if this weren't enough, the vineyard that supplies their livliehood is cursed and full of giant insects, undead, living stalagmites, very rude trees and other vile creatures. Caves hidden beneath the vineyard lead to where Bacchus was hiding and a rather pleasant spot to have lunch if you can get past the pirahnas.


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