Ye Olde Plataea Taverna

[Ye Olde Plataea Taverna]
In an odd mixture of modern and ancient, the tavern seems to be situated directly on top of some of the old ruins. Using lumps of stone that are jutting right out of the floor as table and counter supports and ancient slabs of stone for table tops, this tent actually provides a cool, welcoming spot away from biting bugs and heat. You also see the tavern keeper, a serving counter and a tavern menu.

     Welcome to Ye Olde Plataea Taverna!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         3    a chipped mug of water
      2         5    a dented tankard of ale
      3         6    a glass of cloudy wine
      4        10    a cup of rough liquor
      5         2    a heel of grainy bread
      6         3    some skewered vegetables
      7         5    a hunk of burnt beef
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