Yponomevo's Gem Shop

[Cavern Village, Gem Shop]
Torches along the walls catch the glass shelves hanging from them and throw the colors of the gems all along the ceiling and floors in a kaleidoscope of hues, the flickering flames making the dazzling shapes move and shift almost nauseatingly. A display case, also made of glass, is set in the center of the room with the shop's more prized valuables out for display and locked up tight. You also see Yponomevo the Jeweler, a glass counter with some stuff on it and a display case.

1   a river stone dragonfly pin                                         Price 115
2   a polished river stone necklace                                     Price 55
3   a spiny oyster shell necklace                                       Price 85
4   a rustic silver bead necklace                                       Price 85
5   some pink mussle shell earrings                                     Price 45
6   a pair of red coral earrings                                        Price 75
7   a pair of dark lapis earrings                                       Price 110
8   a large lapis beaded pendant                                        Price 85
9   a silver bear claw ring                                             Price 95
10  a thyites cluster ring                                              Price 100
11  a large pewter badger claw buckled leather belt                     Price 80
12  a thick pewter bracelet inlaid with large colorful stones           Price 65
13  an intricate twisted pewter wire basket pin                         Price 95
14  a lapis inlaid pewter squash blossom pendant                        Price 120
15  a carved opal shadowbox ring                                        Price 175
16  a pewter ring inlaid with polished pink river stones                Price 65      
17  a pewter red coral stone leaf-inlaid ring                           Price 80
18  a twisted wire ring set with a large thyites stone                  Price 110 
19  a bright orange coral strand necklace with a malachite pendant      Price 90
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