Zakro's Smithy

[Zakro's Smithy, Weapon Showroom]
Glinting in the lantern light, polished, ornamented weapons and pieces of armor adorn the walls of the small showroom. Heavy iron braces secure each item to the wall, and the grim face of a giant guard serves as a further deterrent to those with overly nimble fingers. You also see Zakro.

1   an iron tiger-claw beledau                        Price 650       
2   a wrought iron triple bladed hurlbat              Price 825       
3   a shark tooth studded bone club                   Price 420       
4   a beaked wrought iron crowbill                    Price 835       
5   a thin iron-tipped pilum                          Price 480       
6   a steel minotaur-hilted flamberge                 Price 16500     
7   a heavy iron arctic zweihander                    Price 1000      
8   an oak-hilted bronze-bladed xiphos                Price 42        
9   a heavy iron fist mace                            Price 570       
10  a claw-headed iron horseman's hammer              Price 720       
11  an iron Talos split-tipped sword                  Price 825       

12  a broad-bladed steel elephant axe                 Price 15000     
13  an iron-wood shafted steel romphaea               Price 15000     
14  a steel war mattock                               Price 14400     

1   a wicker peltast shield                           Price 65        
2   some gleaming steel mail chausses                 Price 15000     
3   a pair of barbed iron epaulets                    Price 750       
4   some iron stud jaguar skin armor                  Price 375       
5   a crested iron horsehair helm                     Price 1500      
6   a snarling bull headdress iron helm               Price 1500      
7   a chain coif                                      Price 765   

8   a steel scaled jazzeraint shirt                   Price 33600     
9   a steel lorica segmenta cuirass                   Price 36000
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