Zaria's Forge

[Zaria's Forge]
Function over form is definitely the theme here. The walls have been left unfinished; the floors are nothing more than pounded sand. No doubt it leaves the owner time to concentrate on her craft, which, by the showpieces along the wall and on racks, she is a master at. A crate that looks as though it was a cast off a shipwreck acts as counter. An oddly shaped forge sits at the back of the shop. You also see Largo, a large sign and an iron reinforced door.

1   a driftwood longbow                               Price 1600      
2   a throwing starfish                               Price 5         
3   a shark tooth stiletto                            Price 18        
4   a driftwood staff                                 Price 480       
5   a jelly fish tentacle bola                        Price 4500      
6   a whale bone helm                                 Price 3000      
7   a whale bone breastplate                          Price 2100      
8   some whale bone arm greaves                       Price 900       
9   some whale bone leg greaves                       Price 1050      
10  a whale bone spear                                Price 1200      
11  a walrus tusk rapier                              Price 900       
12  a whale bone rapier                               Price 900       
13  a lobster shell breastplate                       Price 70        

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