Zelote The Herbalist's Stall

[Zelote the Herbalist's Stall]
The air is heavy with the intoxicating, spice-laden scents of Zelote's many concoctions and dried herbs. A lattice frame is suspended from the ceiling, holding bundles of fragrant, drying plants. Tightly woven baskets covered with squares of linen are carefully lined up on wooden shelves braced against the walls. You also see Zelote the herbalist.

1   some thin bandages                                Price 24
2   some frilly bandages                              Price 25
3   some fluffy bandages                              Price 110
4   some wide bandages                                Price 102
5   some lacy bandages                                Price 400
6   some thick bandages                               Price 370
7   some lace edged  bandages                         Price 1750
8   some heavy  bandages                              Price 1650
9   some mint and magenta plaid bandages              Price 425
10  some mint and teal polka-dot bandages             Price 425
11  some azure and vermillion bandages                Price 425
12  some frilly red striped plaid bandages            Price 450
13  some orange and teal polka-dot bandages           Price 435

14  some silvery royal purple bandages                Price 475

Some of the items in this merchant may be customized with a color.
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