Zeosite's Studio

[Zeosite's Studio]
A carved coral display-case, trimmed in gold, rests in the center of this small, but elegant shop. Simple marble sculptures rest on shelves behind the counter. They are the only adornment to the shop where it is clear that the pieces of jewelry displayed are the true works of art. You also see Zeosite, Opal and a teakwood door.

1   a solitaire  earstud                              Price 15        
2   an embellished  torc                              Price 15        
3   a fetlock bracelet                                Price 20        
4   some simple  earrings                             Price 20        
5   an inlaid band                                    Price 10        
6   a simple  pendant                                 Price 30        
7   a three-strand  anklet                            Price 40        
8   a three-strand  bracelet                          Price 40        
9   a three-strand  necklace                          Price 50        
10  a studded belly-chain                             Price 75       

11  a navel stud                                      Price 30        
12  a studded nose ring                               Price 30        
13  a tongue stud                                     Price 50        
14  a simple  solitaire                               Price 100

Most items may be customized with a color or material.
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