Zeus' Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Zeus' Tent]
Brilliant gold and black silk flags hang from the ceiling of the tent. Tall black marble pillars stand in each corner holding finely crafted sculptures of the great god. In the middle of the tent stands a large oak post, carved with flying eagles and circling around the tent is a magnificent mural of Zeus.

A gold ruby-encrusted chest

  • a lightning bolt toy
  • a chocolate Zeus
  • a silvery leather backpack
  • a silver lightning-bolt engraved handaxe
  • some silver plate lightning-bolt engraved gauntlets
  • some tasseled pants embroidered with huge black thunderclouds
  • a silver crown set with golden lightning bolts

A gold and ruby display case

  • a tall golden lightning rod
  • a thunderbolt relic pendant
  • a coppery oak leaf bracelet
  • an embroidered eagle tabard
  • a majestic eagle symbol
  • a small ruby encrusted shield
  • a griffin embroidered backpack

A gold and ruby-encrusted table

  • a ruby-flaked hilted silver knife
  • a ruby-dusted black cloak
  • a silver eagle's-head helm
  • a ruby-dusted black caparison
  • some red and gold leather bracers
  • a grey feather-edged satchel,
  • a lightning bolt-edged shirt
  • an eagle-crowned mace,
  • a gold swan charm bracelet
  • a gold swan-etched pendant

A gold and ruby-encrusted counter

  • a ruby lightning bolt relic
  • a diamond lightning bolt pendant
  • some ruby edged gloves
  • an eagle feather covered sheath
  • some ruby edged alogopaps
  • an eagle feather trimmed hat
  • a lightning embossed golden sack
  • a golden chariot symbol
  • some silver eagle earrings
  • a gold lightning bolt ring

A gold and ruby showcase

  • some silver lightning-bolt vambraces
  • a lightning bolt topped galerus
  • a gilded silver winged eagle kiousteki
  • a turbulent storm grey caparison
  • some lightning streaked legwraps
  • some lightning edged leg guards
  • a molded thunderhead breastplate

A gold and ruby display

  • a cloudy crystal glass globe
  • a crude iron lightning rod
  • a Zeus statuette
  • a white Zeus nutcracker
  • a stuffed Zeus doll
  • a heavy gold lightning glass medallion
  • a delicate silver lightning glass bracelet

A wooden horse

  • a thick grey saddle blanket covered with roiling thunderheads
  • a stylized silver lightning bolt harness with leather straps
  • some jagged silver tail ribbons shaped like lightning bolts
  • a swirling grey cotton girth laced with streaks of lightning
  • a fancy silver bridle flanked with by spread eagle wings
  • some black leather reins inscribed with silver thunderbolts
  • a stormy grey saddle lined with oak and embossed with eagles
  • a golden bridle edged with dozens of miniature bells
  • a soft golden weave saddle blanket that almost glimmers
  • a heavy gold-riveted leather saddle etched with jagged lightning bolts

A gold and ruby-encrusted trunk

  • a richly tailored storm gray overcoat with dark red lining
  • a smooth leather staff sling with silver clasps
  • an engraved lightning bolt silver relic ring
  • a stormy gray silk shirt with silver scrollwork buttons
  • an etched solid oak quarterstaff capped with a silver eagle
  • a jagged silver dagger with a leather-wrapped hilt
  • some tight black short pants laced up the sides

A gold and ruby-encrusted fishtank

  • a jade sculpture of a mighty Zeus sitting upon a throne
  • a sardonyx sculpture of Zeus throwing a thunderbolt

A gold and ruby-encrusted shelf

  • an ebony and crystal nose rod
  • a tight golden leather corset with an attached skirt of golden chains
  • a fringed sapphire cluster necklace
  • a pair of tight grey leather pants
  • a black oak steel spear and a black leather chariot jacket
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